About me

Hello, I’m Rene

Once upon a time, pre-kids, I dabbled in digital media and had not one maternal instinct in my five foot, two inch, Australian born Chinese body. Lots of things have changed, but my love for travel has not.

My philosophy is to spend every dollar you have exploring the world, though my accountant husband does not necessarily agree.  Together, we have worked, lived and travelled to 74 countries and counting. We continue to roam with two little monkey’s, starting in our own backyard of Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine State.

I’m happiest when my little family and I are traipsing across Brisbane in search of the best bowl of Pho, exploring the city’s new lane ways and street art, playing at South Banks GOMA or kicking back on one of the many glorious Queensland beaches. Happier still trailing behind little people, wheeling little suitcases onto air planes, bound for new destinations.

Though I wish for eternal holidays, there’s always the juggles of motherhood there’s child wrangling, school drop offs, homework and if I must …. cooking.

Hello from my family to yours xo Rene - Together we roam
Hello from my family to yours xo Rene – Together we roam

Why do I travel with kids?

I could say that I travel with kids to open their world, so that they can learn about diversity in other cultures, explore new places, see new sights, try new foods and have wonderful new experiences. I might even add, travel will give my kids a new perspective and understanding, something they cannot learn from a classroom or reading a book. I could even quote my most favourite quote:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain.

Whilst all these reasons are valid, I sound like I’m doing my kids a favour. The reason I travel with my kids is rather selfish, it brings me happiness.

As a Myers Briggs ENFP type personality and a lover of being happy, it’s the visceral release of endorphins that has me hooked on travel.

Sitting in a congee parlour on our recent trip to my parent’s birthplace of Hong Kong, the kids were soaking in their surroundings when they proudly declared “Mum, we’re part Chinese!”. I’ve only tried explaining to them their entire lives. All it took was inserting them into the cultural landscape and happiness entails.

A freelance travel writer and blogger, I’ve collaborated with some great brands contact me to discuss how we can work together.


Photography and living portrait captured by the lovely and talented Katie Bennett embellysh.com.au