Best places to go in July with kids

Bunble Bunbles, The Kimberley, Western Australia
Bunble Bunbles, The Kimberley, Western Australia

It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere with lots of travel options, therefore it’s more of a matter of narrowing it down to kid friendly destinations. In Oz it’s officially cold, even this year in Brisbane, so let’s head north to keep warm in our top three best of the best places to visit in Australia and the world with kids.

Bungle Bungles courtesy NeilsPhotography, Flickr Creative Commons

Best places to go in Australia with kids

Our visit to Western Australia’s Broome was just a touch of the Kimberley. Stopping over in Kunnunurra on the way to Darwin we flew over some pretty gorgeous scenery and therefore heads up the top place to go in July with kids in Australia:

The Kimberley, Western Australia

Grab a 4WD and explore the Kimbereley, July is the dry season which means clear blue skies, open roads and days that are in the 30’s without the mossies and humidity.

Horizontal Falls, Kimberley image courtesty of TripAdvisor
Horizontal Falls, Kimberley image courtesty of TripAdvisor

Highlights with kids

  • Explore the Kimbereley Gorges, rugged red rocky gorges complete with cascading waterfalls and fresh pools of inviting clear water is the drawcard to the Kimberley. Bell and Adcock Gorge being the showstoppers.
  • Helicopter over the Bungle Bungles range to see the impressive series of dome shaped orange and striped rocks formed over million years of erosion. If a chopper is out of the question, grab the family for hikes through them.
  • Kunnunurra, deserves a post all on it’s own. Part of the East Kimberely offers stunning gorges, waterways hugging rugged cliffs and rocky escarpments, waterfalls and majestic lakes; Lake Ord, Lake Kunnunurra and Lake Arglye being the headliners.
  • Cruise or fly over Horizontal Falls, a natural phenonmenon where the massive tides of the Kimberley causes water to flow rapidly between two narrow gorges, which repeats again as the tide turns causing an effect of a horizontal waterfall. It’s tidal so go when the tide changes.
  • Discover the Dampier Peninsula and the most northerly point Cape Leveque where vivid red cliffs meet pristine seemingly untouched white sandy beaches. July is also the start of the humpback whale season.

Port Douglas & Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland

Let’s stay warm and head to Tropical North Queensland. It’s the dry season with average temperatures in the mid 20’s, little rain and clear skies. There are also no box jelly fish in the water and the water is perfect for a swim. For more details read about my Wonderful North Queensland with kids guide.


Find Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef. "Clown fish anemone" courtesy of gjhamley Flickr CC
Find Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef. “Clown fish anemone” courtesy of gjhamley Flickr CC

Highlights with kids

  • Take an unforgettable day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef with the kids.
  • Stay in cosmopolitan Port Douglas and enjoy the beautiful 4 Mile Beach.
  • Visit Mossman Gorge, swim in crystal clear fresh rock pools and walk through the Daintree Rainforest.
  • Soak up the serenity whilst the kids play in Palm Cove.
  • Visit The Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy a free guided tour along the rainforest floor with plenty of birds native to the area are on show. Pay an additional extra to feed kangaroos, have Breakfast with the Birds or Lunch with the Lorikeets.
  • Visit Hartleys Crocodile Adventures, with a lagoon full of crocodiles and boat trips to view big crocs in their natural environment. You can also see koalas and kangaroos up close in their petting zoo as well as snake and crocodile shows and exhibit.
  • Make the drive to Cape Tribulation where the rainforest meets the reef.

East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Having just returned from Kakadu, I was intrigued by the map of Arhhem Land. In particular the Gove Cove in Northern Territory’s East Arnhem Land. Unlike Kakadu, this land is not owned by the Crown. It’s private property which was returned to the Aboriginal People. Remote as it sounds, it’s easily accessible with an airport, Nhulunbuy (Gove) though you need to apply for permits beforehand, which takes up to 10 days to process.

Horseshoe Bay courtesy of East Arnhem Land
Horseshoe Bay courtesy of East Arnhem Land

Highlights with kids

  • Visit the spectacular and untouched coastal beaches with azure water and soft white sand. I’m not sure how swimmable they are due to crocs. However numerous sites do say there are beaches and water holes for swimming. There are many bays and beaches to explore such as Horseshoe Bay pictured above.
  • Expose the kids to to Aboriginal culture, Lirrwi Yolngu run culturual tours to traditional Aboriginal Homelands.
  • Swim in rock pools with small cascading waterfalls of the Giddy River (croc free).
  • Visit Baku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre to see Aboriginal artefacts.

Best places to go in the world

So many choices for July in the world however with school being out in North America and Europe, we want to stay away from large crowds. Though Disneyland is great in July, the queues would drive any parent mad. I desperately wanted to add the Serengeti’s Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania. But with very young kids, rough roads and remote camping sites, unfortunately this was ruled out for young kids. Perhaps Safari’s for kids over 5!?

Here are the best of the best and the photos are my own 🙂

Vancouver for an Alaskan Cruise

Alaska is one of my favourite places on Earth. Take the kids on a cruise departing Vancouver through the interior and see Alaska’s beautiful Inside Passage. A cruise also is the easiest way for family travel. Just board the ship and switch to auto-pilot.

July is the peak season, but there’s a reason. It’s summer with longer hours in the day and perfect temperatures.

Spot whales in the pristine waters of Alaska
Spot whales in the pristine waters of Alaska

Highlights with kids

  • In Vancouver, grab a picnic rug or chair and chill out with the many events and festivals, there’s jazz, classical music and folk music festivals as well as organised activities in Stanley Park for kids. If you are there July 1st it’s Canada Day with plenty of festivities.
  • Rather than heading to Disneyland, board the Disney Wonder and set sail with the kids to Alaska. Enjoy all the Disney themed shows, events, activites and facilities whilst seeing spectacular scenery.
  • The waters of Alaska in July brings hundreds of whales migrating from the Artic. It’s a stunning site to see these majestic creatures swimming along side your ship.
  • See beautiful glaciers, picturesque mountains and stunning waterfalls.
  • Take a day trips along the various ports to witness salmon swimming up stream, catch bears filling up their bellies and explore the rich frontier history of each port town.
  • Take a river raft raft float as bald eagles soar around you.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Another favourite place on Earth is Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. This is how I imagine heaven to look like, with probably more cute fluffy bunnies, puppy dog tails and butterfiles.

Nestled in the valley of the Swiss Alps, with high mountainous peaks and 72 cascading waterfalls, with a floor of golden meadows and a charming german village complete with cows wearing bells. The air is so fresh and the light is absolutely amazing.

High in the Swiss Alps means it doesn’t get too warm, however July brings the warmest months, averaging 25 degree Celsius. July is also the wettest yet the waterfall is at it’s fullest. I was lucky enough to only get 1 rainy day that cleared whilst I was there – bit of pot luck.

Lauterbrunne Switzerland = heaven on Earth
Lauterbrunne Switzerland = heaven on Earth

Highlights with kids

  • Explore Lauterbrunnen Valley and take the easy walk to Staubbachfall. The longest waterfall in the valley plunging over a 300 meter cliff face.
  • Take an easy climb up to Trümmelbach Falls there are hidden waterfalls which you can hear roaring hidden in the cliff ravine.
  • Take the the Jungfrau railway up 3454 meters though 7km tunnel to reach the top of Europe, dress warm as up there is a scene of endless soft white snow.
  • Walk through an ice tunnel at before building snowmen. Warm up at Schilthorn a revolving restaurant overlookng glaciers and snow capped mountains.
  • Catch the train to Gimmelwald traversing some gorgeous countryside.

Lake Tahoe, Sierre Nevada, USA

There is nothing quite like the lakes of the USA. Where you can combine clear fresh water with white sandy beaches.

Summer in Lake Tahoe does mean peak crowds, but do not worry Lake Tahoe is big, postioned between two states (California and Nevada) there are plenty of beautiful spots to explore the great outdoors without having to rub shoulders with anyone else.

July is one of the warmest months at Lake Tahoe. As it is an alpine lake and one of the deepest and largest, the water is brisk, but it doesn’t get any warmer than in the summer. The longer sunshiney days makes up for the tepid water temperature.

Hidden Cove, Lake Tahoe is so beautiful
Hidden Cove, Lake Tahoe is so beautiful (water is a wee bit cold though)

Highlights with kids

  • There are plenty of 4th of July festivities at Incline Beach including fireworks by the lake.
  • Beach hop and and enjoy the many pristine fresh water beaches; Hidden Cove, Sandy Harbor, Kings beach and Chimney Beach being favourites.
  • Float down the Truckee River in a raft with the family.
  • See some breathtaking scenery and stunning vantage point at Emerald Bay.
  • Take a Heavenly Gondola near the casinos to see the Tahoe Basin below.
  • Hike kid friendly trails including Glenshire Lake in Truckee, Tahoe Meadows in Incline Village (Stroller friendly) and Eagle Falls.

Have you been to these best places to go in July with kids? Any tips, ideas or suggestions? Love to hear you, please comment below:


  • Hi, just spotted a typo in the header in the first photo – Bunble Bunbles, The Kimberley, Western Australia.

    This should read the Bungle Bungles. I do see you have it correct in the text below. Just thought you might like to know. Cheers,

  • Great Australian suggestions (of course) but internationally – Switzerland sounds nice! We went through in summer before kids, and it would have been a wonderful trip for them, all outdoors with gloriously long days and mild weather.

    • Every month I get to dream of going to only the best places or revisit where I’ve been without having to do the dreaded pack for the kids. So yes, I am totally picking Switzerland at the moment. I agree, going back to show the kids would be awesome (minus the flight) 23hrs 40 minutes Bris to Zurich! See you there?

        • There’s suppose to be a new Concorde coming out (NYC to London in 4 ours) but that doesn’t really help us, it leaves from the USA and only for the super rich.

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