Best places to go with kids in October

Grand Canyon National Park: View from Rim Trail east of Mather Point

Spring and Autumn are great times to travel with a few bargains to be had for shoulder season trips. Though it’s cooling down, Northern Hemisphere dwellers still have some mild fall days to explore outdoors before the cold sets in. Spring in the Southern Hemisphere is superb. Days are getting longer and warmer, a great time to hit the beach with gusto. Here are the picks for the best places to go with kids in October.

Grand Canyon National Park: View from Rim Trail east of Mather Point, image courtesy of  W.Tyson Joye, Flickr Creative Commons

The best places to go with kids in October for Australia

1. Perth, Western Australia

October is a perfect time to visit Perth. This great outdoors city has temperatures in the mid 20’s during the day, sunny blue skies and little to no rain. It’s a perfect time to see what this beautiful west coast city has to offer.

Kings Park Panorama by Daniel Lee, on Flickr Creative Commons
Kings Park Panorama by Daniel Lee, on Flickr Creative Commons

Perth highlights with kids:

  • The Botanic Gardens and Kings Park are the iconic parklands of Perth with a gorgeous view of the city skyline and the Swan River.  A great family friendly space with plenty of play areas, picnic spots and the Federation Walkway a stroller friendly elevated pathway that takes your through the treetops of the park.
  • Checkout Perth Zoo, during October the twilight weather is so wonderful they hold kids outdoor movies sessions.
  • Head to Freemantle and wonder through the Freemantle Markets. Afterwards, grab some fish n chips at the Freemantle Fishing Boat Harbour.
  • Visit Rottnest Island and say hello to a Quokka the resident marsupial native to the island. WA have some spectacular beaches and Rottnest is home to some pristine beauties including; Parker Point, Little Armstrong, Parakeet and Salmon Bays.
  • Check out the resident seals and penguins on the respectfully named Seal and Penguin Island.
  • On any given Sunday, locals flock to Cottelsoe for a beachside Sunday session.
  • If wine is your thing, take a day trip to Margaret River for some of Australia’s best drop.

2. The Entrance, New South Wales

The Central Coast New South Wales is a beautiful part of Australia and October offers smaller crowds and perfect weather. It is a wonderful time to go the prettiest and most popular seaside town of The Entrance.  Its’ name is derived from from a large channel that runs from the ocean to Tuggerah Lakes and offers calm, waterways and inlets for kids to play.

Who is the lucky one? image courtesy of Vincent.ZZY, on Flickr Creative Commons
Who is the lucky one? image courtesy of Vincent.ZZY, on Flickr Creative Commons

The Entrance highlights with kids:

  • Kids love the daily pelican feeds, where every day without fail, groups of pelicans fight over fishy morsels during feeding time at 3:30pm.
  • Have a free play at Vera’s Water Garden, located in the main hub of The Entrance (on The Entrance Road) there’s a toddler friendly paddle pool complete with whimsical fountains and slides.
  • For the dry play variety, there is also a wonderful playground in Memorial Garden.
  • There are two excellent vantage points to check out including the view from Crackneck Lookout and the other from Norahs Lighthouse.
  • Visit picturesque Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach and Bateau Bay. These are gorgeous, laid back, kid friendly beaches.

3. Barossa Valley, South Australia

Kids and wine can go together at the Barossa. The trick is to go slow, break it up and follow the kids lead. October is a beautiful time to go, it’s warming up again but not hot enough to be uncomfortable when cooped up at a cellar door or walking around during the day. 

Jacobs Creek, Barossa Valley
Jacobs Creek, Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley highlights with kids:

  • Visit the many beautiful family friendly wineries in the Barossa region including Yalumba, Jacobs Creek, Bethany Wines and Whistler Wines.
  • Feast at Maggie Beers Farmhouse and wander the lakeside property complete with farm animals.
  • Explore the Lutheran heritage communities including the historical churches that the region is famous for.
  • Checkout Mengler Hill Lookout for some stunning Barossa views.
  • For my highlights read about Barossa with Kids here.

The best places to go with kids in October for the World

1. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

You cannot miss Munich in October for Oktoberfest even with kids. Oktoberfest was on from September 21st – October 5th 2014 and is the biggest excuse for beer in the world.

Steeped in German heritage with a smattering of table top dancing and drunken shenanigans. However, steer clear of the party beer tents (Lowenbrau and Schottenhamel) you will find what Oktoberfest can be a family friendly celebration.

Oktoberfest is a must in October (late Sept - early Oct), even with kids. This image "Munchen, Oktoberfest 2013" courtesy Heinrich Pollmeier, Flickr, Creative Commons. 
Oktoberfest is a must in October (late Sept – early Oct), even with kids. This image “Munchen, Oktoberfest 2013” courtesy Heinrich Pollmeier, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Oktoberfest highlights with kids:

  • Tuesdays is “family day” with discount tickets, family friendly menus and some tents are open to children until 6pm.
  • Grab a table in one of the more family friendly tents such as the Augustiner and celebrate with the Germans, many dressed in their formal lederhosen dancing and singing to festive Bavarian music (heavy on the tuba). Other family friendly tents include the smaller beer tents which seat  between 100-500 compared to the mammoths that can seat up to 10,000 people. Bookings in advance is required to secure a seat.
  • Oktoberfest is essentially a big fair, and outside of the beer tents there are  amusement rides, parades, organised activities and lots of sweet treats for the kids.

2. Las Vegas for the Grand Canyon, Nevada, USA

So I’ve suggested wine and beer with kids. Now I’m recommending you head to a place notorious for gambling.  Whilst Sin City is extremely popular with teens on their gap-year, high rollers, bucks and hens parties. There is still fun to be had with little kids in tow and the weather is perfect in October.

Go by helicopter with the kids to the Grand Canyon
Go by helicopter with the kids to the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas highlights with kids:

  • Explore and play at the many grand casinos, yes there are the gaming floors, but there is much more including; the botanical gardens in the Bellagio foyer, the fountains and lights at Ceasars Palace and the big cats and dolphins at the Mirage.
  • Watch the many free shows The Strip has to offer including; the famous fountain display at Bellagio, Pirate and Sirens show at treasure Island, tiger and lion feeding at Luxor and MGM Grand.
  • Take in a gondola ride at the Venetian.
  • Swim at the many opulent resort pools.
  • Catch a show which are more elaborate and over the top in Vegas, including Cirque Du Soleil.
  • Fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter. In a morning your family can cover one of the natural wonders of the world. By flying in you are reducing travel time with kids but also seeing the Grand Canyon at it’s finest from above.

3. Pompeii, Italy

One of my favourite places in the world is Pompeii. An ancient Roman city frozen in time by a great volcano eruption, burying the town in 4-6m of ash over 2000 years ago.  

I could imagine this is a tricky type of travel, with plenty of preparation with the kids and planning involved, it’s doable. It’s nothing like climbing Mt Everest per se, however there is Mt Vesuvius nearby which is an easy trek up in comparison.

Marine mosaic detail, from a house in Pompeii (2nd century BC) by Chris Beckett, on Flickr Creative Commons
Marine mosaic detail, from a house in Pompeii (2nd century BC) by Chris Beckett, on Flickr Creative Commons

Pompeii highlights with kids:

  • Stroll through Pompeii with kids and take in this remarkable place filled to the brim with history, get there soon as the place is falling apart.
  • Even if young kids don’t get all of the historical significance, they will have fun running up and down the cobblestone paths, in and out of ancient homes with fabulous mosaics and relics.
  • Check out the amphitheater, it resembles a roman gladiator colesseum (though it’s not really) but kids can test out their battling skills nonetheless.
  • Count dogs, there are many resident stray dogs in Pompeii which may delight your child. Though don’t pet them, they are strays and slightly filthy.
  • There are plaster casts of those people that lost their lives in Pompeii, most of them are in the The Garden of the Fugitives but also several museum areas. You may or may not want to expose the little kids, even though they aren’t the actual bodies, they can still be quite disturbing.
Pompeii plaster cast bodies by Simon & Vicki, on Flickr Creative Commons
Pompeii plaster cast bodies by Simon & Vicki, on Flickr Creative Commons

Have you been anywhere in October? Got any hot tips or destinations to add to this list? Where would you like to go? Love to hear about it, please reply below:


  • My four year old is fascinated by the story of Pompei and Mount Vesuvius. Can’t believe you have actually been there! Possibility of a trip to Italy in 2016 for us so we may make it there ourselves one day.

    • Your 4 year old is a clever cookie me thinks, he’ll love it when you get there. Pretty jealous of your Italy travel plans. If I had to pick a country to be my favourite, Italy is right up there. Probably at number 1.

      Thanks for taking a moment to read. xo

  • Just a big sigh from me. October is a really great month for travel (aren’t they all? 🙂 ) in both hemispheres – a lot of places are just on the turn of the season and quite pleasant, but without the high season crowds.

    • I am sighing along with you. I’d like to be in Italy right this minute. We were just thinking we need to move to Singapore, there are so many more direct flights to much more exotic destinations. With kidlets in Oz, a flight x 4 to anywhere gets a bit heavy on the hip pocket. I am also getting a bit picky with crowds too, I prefer travelling in the shoulder season too. I hear that is all going to change with school aged kids though!

      • Yes, shoulder season gets trickier in school! We’ll play by the rules for a year and scope out how bendable they are 🙂

        I know what you mean about the extra leg from Australia. It’s not just the cost, either – it’s that extra flying time with young ones! Eight to twelve hours is starting to stretch it for us – 24hrs makes me cringe!

  • Nice roundup! Although we live close now, we still haven’t gone to Oktoberfest or Pompei but I am working on super secret plans to change that someday soon!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Pompeii it is so wonderful I am looking forward to seeing your travels there one day. I went through my own photos for this post and everything is so blurry and terrible. So I guess I have to go back and take it all again! I’m so happy to find a like minded mummy travel. xo

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