Getting to Brisbane Airport: How To #Nail it With A Family

Walking with kids to BNE along the walkway that connects car park to terminal.
Score discounted parking and stroll over to BNE

Whether you’re hailing a taxi, booking an Uber, finding the best Brisbane Airport Parking or getting Nan and Pop to drop the fam bam at the door, we’ve got all the tips and tricks on getting to Brisbane Airport with a family.

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Get to Know Brisbane Airport

Address11 The Circuit, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008


Brisbane Airport (BNE) is located 17 km north of Brisbane CBD, approximately a 30 – 40 minute drive away. BNE consists of two separate terminals – Brisbane Domestic Terminal and Brisbane International Terminal, which are positioned 4 km apart from one another. When travelling to Brisbane Airport, make sure you follow the signs to the right terminal.

Getting to Brisbane Airport Tip

Toilet, snacks and entertainment

It’s a relatively short and straightforward trip to Brisbane Airport from Brisbane’s CBD, but just long enough that kids should be reminded to hit the bathroom before the journey. In case of traffic or delays it’s always handy to have a snack and some kids entertainment packed for the ride.

Girl looking out the window getting to Brisbane Airport in a car. Sun is shining and she's on her way to BNE and the start of a new adventure
Almost at Brisbane Airport Car Park and about to start of a new adventure

Brisbane Airport – Terminal Transfer Bus

To transfer between the two terminals, take the complimentary 10-minute Terminal Transfer Bus. The bright orange busses are clearly signed and located directly outside the Level 2 International Arrivals Hall or outside the Qantas and Virgin Terminal areas on Level 1 of Brisbane Domestic Terminal.

Airport Busses operate daily from 4am – 11pm. Click here for Terminal Transfer Bus schedule.

For a stress free Brisbane terminal transfer with the family allow at least 30 minutes to comfortably transfer between terminals.

Burdened with kids we don’t move as nimbly as we once did, its best to embrace the slow and steady and allow extra time for the incidentals like: bathroom breaks, fetching the oversize luggage and queuing ahead so we can get four seats together. Shuttle busses run every 10 – 25 minutes depending on the time of day and more time is is needed in case the shuttle is full or you just missed one.

The Terminal Transfer Bus has a large storage hold area and a lowered floor for bulky luggage which makes coordinating kids and the gear that entails a little easier.

Brisbane Airport Tip on Connections

Allow lots of time for connecting flights at BNE

For connecting flights between International and Domestic terminalsallow at least 3 hours between flights in order to clear customs, go through security, transfer between terminals and depending on the airline, you may need to collect baggage, check-in and go through customs again. This is usually the minimum amount of time travel insurance policies will consider for any missed connection or travel delay claims.

Please check your family travel insurance policy to see if you’re covered and their terms on minimum times between connections as each policy varies. Read more about the best family travel insurance policies and tips on family travel insurance here.

Score Discounted Brisbane Airport Parking Online

Brisbane Airport is home to ParkLong, a long term car parking service with secure multi-level car parks directly opposite both BNE Domestic Terminal and BNE International Terminal. Brisbane Airport Parking is the best option for families with an easy sheltered walk to the terminal. Book online ahead of time and score discounted Brisbane Airport car parking rates.

For the latest drive-up parking rates click here or book online for the cheapest ParkLong parking rates.

Kinetic Art Facade of ParkLong Brisbane Domestic Terminal car park and car driven to entrance.
Drop the kids off at the entrance before finding a car park at ParkLong

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Parking Tip

P1 or P2 car parking location

There is only the one multi-level car park located directly across from Brisbane International Terminal with long term parking located on Levels 2-5. There are also two adjoining multi-level carparks at Brisbane Domestic Terminal.

P1 is the car park located closest to Brisbane Domestic Terminal and offers ParkLong on Levels 5-9. P2 sits directly behind P1 and has ParkLong across all levels. When booking online, make sure you double check on your booking where your assigned car park is as both P1 and P2 have separate entry points. See the Domestic Terminal Parking Map for entry points here.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Weekend Discount

Keep an eye out for further Brisbane Domestic Terminal car parking discounts on weekends, as Brisbane Airport run weekend promos where you enter from 12pm and exit prior to 12pm on the Monday of the same weekend for a significantly reduced rate.

Arriving BNE Domestic Terminal by car - car park signs.
ParkLong: Book car parking for BNE Domestic Terminal Online


A cheaper alternative than parking directly across from the terminal is AirPark, a secure open-air car par located a 10-minute complimentary shuttle bus ride away. AirPark’s non-refundable rates start from $5 a day for a minimum of 7 days for bookings of 10 days or more, or a $10 daily rate for parking less than 7 days. Please note that prices are subject to change.

Book early for savings and to avoid disappointment and save a little extra on the drive-up parking rate by pre-booking car parking online. For the latest AirPark parking rates click here.

As the free AirPark shuttle bus can run every 15 – 25 minutes depending on time of day, allow 20 – 30 minutes depending on the time of day to get to and from the AirPark car park.

Brisbane Airport Welcome sign with happy relaxed child ready to board a flight.
Drop the kids off at the entrance before heading over to AirPark – a cheaper car parking option only 10 minutes shuttle ride away

BNE Car Park Tip

Drop the kids at the door before parking the car

Save a bit of time, work as a team and drop the family along with the luggage at the door while the other parks the car. Always remember to store car keys and car parking ticket in a safe and easy to remember place with you and take a photo to remember where you parked the car.

Request an Uber in Advance

Request an Uber to Brisbane Airport and be dropped off hassle free at the front door. For extra peace of mind, pre-book a taxi or schedule an Uber Ride to Brisbane Airport in advance. To schedule an Uber select Uber X and tap ‘Schedule a Ride’, the option appears when available at Uber’s select regions.

UberX seats a family of 4 comfortably and can usually accommodate two large suitcases in the boot. If travelling with extra suitcases, a pram or portable cot then a roomier UberXL is recommended, which can seat up to 6.

Uber to and from BNE Tip

Car seats are mandatory

Riding Uber with kids requires families to BYO car seat as it is illegal for kids 7 years and younger to ride without a legal child restraint. Read more about Queensland Child Restraint Legislation here.

Uber Pick-Up Location from Brisbane Domestic Terminal

As you exit the Domestic Terminal cross two lanes to the designated ‘Pre-booked Express Ride-Booking’ pick-up location. The Uber pick-up spot is located one lane past the taxi rank. Follow the signs which are clearly marked to the pick-up zone, once at the pick-up location, tap on the Uber App and book a ride.

Track your Uber driver including the wait time, car and driver details from the Uber App.

Download the Uber App and request and Uber to Brisbane Domestic Airport for the family
Download the Uber App and request and Uber to Brisbane Domestic Airport for the family

Uber Pick-Up Location from Brisbane International Terminal

The Uber pick-up location from Brisbane International Terminal is a short walk from the terminal.

As you clear customs and enter the Arrivals Hall of the Brisbane International Terminal, there’s a sign that says ‘Ride-Booking’ along with ‘Shuttle Bus and Coaches’ pointing to the left.

Walk past the Visitor Information Desk and turn left towards the glass doors near the Travelex Currency Exchange. Once past the doors, follow the ramp on the left to car park bay 4, with a sign marked ‘Pre-booked Express Ride-Booking’.

This is the designated Uber pick-up zone, once at the spot, tap on the app and request and Uber from Brisbane International Terminal (BNE) and an Uber will not be far away.

Schedule an Uber and get dropped off at the terminal entrance. Brisbane Domestic Airport Uber sign
Uber Ride Share at BNE Domestic Airport

BNE International Terminal Tip

Visitor Information Desk

Reach out to the friendly staff behind the Visitor Information Desk who are more than happy to help steer you in the right direction. They get asked hundreds of times where the Uber pick-up is. While you’re there, stock up on knowledge as they have loads of it including best places to stay, free things to do and the latest events.

Pre-Book a Taxi to BNE

Be dropped off at Brisbane Airport’s doors and pre-book a taxi in advance. We can usually fit into a standard taxi like a Prius or Toyota Corolla sedan with two large suitcases and a backpack each.

However any extra items such as car seats and strollers will require extra boot space like a Maxi Taxi.

Unlike an Uber ride share, Taxi’s are exempt from ensuring children up to age 7 are restrained in an approved child restraint, therefore kids can ride in taxis without car seats, although it’s always recommended to BYO car seat when possible.

Booking ahead of time means less time waiting nervously for the taxi. Both cab companies have free IOS and Android Apps available to download to the phone. You can book a cab and track the whereabouts of your taxi.

Save time and worry less by pre-booking a taxi to BNE and save time
Save time and worry less by pre-booking a taxi to BNE and save time

Two options to book a taxi

There are two main taxi companies in Brisbane

Yellow Cabs Phone: 13 19 14 or book Yellow Cabs online.

Black and White Cabs Phone: 133 222 or book Black and White Cabs online.

Taxi to and from BNE Tip

Request a station wagon rather than a Maxi Taxi

We recommend requesting a station wagon rather than a Maxi Taxi. Although Maxi’s have room in spades, they come at a higher fare and may not always be available causing delays in getting to the airport early.

Taxi Pick-Up Location from Brisbane Domestic Terminal

Taxi’s are readily available directly in front of the central entrance of Domestic Terminal on Level 1. There’s no need to cross the road to hail a cab. Kerbside Officers are available during peak times to help with a larger taxi (station wagon) or maxi taxi request.

Outside of peak times there’s not too long a wait before a taxi turns up.

Taxi Pick-Up Location from Brisbane International Airport

As you enter the Arrival Hall of Brisbane International Terminal on Level 2, the Taxi Rank is located to the left of the main entrance door.  There are usually Kerbside Officers available to assist with taxi requests during peak times.

Request a station wagon Taxi if you have extra luggage
Request a station wagon Taxi if you have extra luggage

Outsmart Rogue Brisbane Taxi Drivers

We may have had one or two taxi drivers over the years that were new and unfamiliar with Brisbane directions but never any issue with Brisbane taxi scams, although we do have home ground advantage.

Brisbane taxi drivers are required to use the meter at all times and tariffs are legislated by the Queensland Government, if the meter has stopped or is hidden, simply step out and request another taxi cab before you drive away.

Most Brisbane Taxi drivers are good and decent folk, always insist on the meter and google your route with estimate distance and duration before you hop in a cab.

Be alert and if your spidey senses tingle, take note of the date and time of the trip, the driver’s name and taxi details including number plate, which should be clearly displayed. There’s a Queensland Government Taxi Hotline on 1800 183 673 for any complaints or phone the taxi company directly to report an issue.

Brisbane Airport Taxi Tip

Have small notes for the cab fare

Have small notes in $10 and $20 so taxi drivers can provide change easily. Always count out the cash to ensure correct payment before handing it over. If there’s any change, count out the change beside the taxi driver before putting money away.

Know What to Pay for your Taxi or Uber Ride

Having a rough idea of the costs to get to and from Brisbane Airport in a taxi or Uber and how long it should roughly take has the benefit of keeping the family budget on track, reduce the stresses of the unknown and regain some control in new surroundings.  There’s nothing worse than not knowing how much something costs and the possibility of being taken for a ride, so here are estimates on taxi and Uber fares to Brisbane Airport:

Enjoying a drink, relaxed and ready to go without being ripped off.
Relaxed and ready to go without being ripped off at BNE

Estimated Taxi Fare To and From Brisbane Airport

A taxi from Brisbane Airport to Brisbane’s CBD costs approximately $45 depending on the time of day. For the most current taxi rates see the Queensland Government Taxi Fares here.

Peak hour in Brisbane coincides with the weekday commutes and as most Queenslanders are early risers, the peak hour starts from 5am – 9am in the morning and 4pm – 8pm at night. During these times its recommended to pay a little extra and take the toll roads as you’ll ultimately get to town quicker.

A $3.70 Airport Rank Fee and toll fares from the airport is added on top of the fare.

If specifically ordering a Maxi Taxi (Maxi Cab) which can carry five or more people, a $12 surcharge applies.

Estimated Uber Fare To and From Brisbane Airport

An Uber from Brisbane Airport to Brisbane’s CBD costs approximately $30 – $39. Surge rates applies during times of high demand which can include peak hour. An Uber XL for up to 6 passengers can cost $43 – $55.

An UberXL base fare is $3.10 with a booking fee of 55 cents. A minimum charge of $9.55 is applied and $9 charged if you cancel the fare. Any tolls taken are added on top of the fare. There’s an additional $3 added to the final Uber fare for airport pick ups.

Prices subject to change and vary depending on supply and demand.  Click here to get a Uber Fare estimate for your ride.

Allow 1 Hour to Get To and From Brisbane Airport with Kids

Although the journey in a car, Uber or taxi to Brisbane CBD takes approximately 30 -40 minutes depending on traffic, for families allow a little buffer to get kids organised, manage all the luggage and ensure your head is screwed on and everything’s in order.

The older the kids are the less buffer time you may need. For the mighty toddlers aged 12 -36 months, which we’ve found the trickiest to travel with – the full hour is required.


Get to gate on time and allow an hour to get to and from BNE
Get to gate on time and allow an hour to get to and from BNE

Make Use of Passenger Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Whether coming or going, Passenger Pick-Up is by far the most popular and cheapest option to get to and from Brisbane Airport.

Dropped off at the doro by Grandpa at BNE International
Dropped off at the door by Grandpa at BNE International

Brisbane International Terminal Passenger Drop-Off

If Nana or Pop is available, have them drive straight up to International Terminal Departures and be dropped off right at the entrance to the airline Check-In counters. There’s just enough time to unload the suitcases and a last quick kiss and cuddle before they have to be on their way.

Brisbane International Terminal Passenger Pick-Up

There’s a few more steps involved when getting picked up at BNE International. Once you’ve cleared customs, take the lifts to Level 1 and follow the Passenger Pick-Up signs to outside and to the right. The Pick-Up area is clearly signed and once everyone is ready for pick up, call the driver to let them know you’re at the Pick-Up area.

There’s a 10-minute limit which allows families just enough time to load the car up, get car seats organised and kids properly restrained before having to exit the Pick-Up area or be charged a fee

See Brisbane Airport’s Passenger Pick-Up video to explain the process further:

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Passenger Drop-Off

They once abolished kerbside Passenger Pick-Up and Brisbanites were up in arms, luckily for us the powers that be brought it back. Dropping off passengers at the terminal remains the easiest, cheapest and most popular way to get to and from Brisbane Domestic Airport.

Get dropped off or picked up at the designated Drop-Off areas outside the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. Families simply stroll across two small laneways to the Brisbane Domestic Terminal entrance. There might even be a trolley left over from the last passenger to borrow.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Passenger Pick-Up

The Passenger Pick-Up process requires a little more coordination, for families ensure everyone has been to the bathroom, have their carry-on with them and picked up all the suitcases. Stroll across to the designated Passenger Pick-Up area and call your driver once you have found a spot.

Make sure you identify landmarks i.e. just before the big yellow travelator near Qantas terminal to meet your drive. Save the welcome embrace for later as passengers are required to be immediately picked-up or parking attendants will move the driver along.

If you need more time to load the car, there’s also the option of taking the short walk to the pick-up waiting area, families have 30 minutes free parking to load and unload the car. Read more here.

A proper welcome in person at the terminal with banners blazing only sets you back $5 for 1 hour, Brisbane Airport have just introduced the new fare so these welcomes we all love, don’t have to cost the earth.

Getting to and From Brisbane Airport with a Family – #NailedIt

Now that we’ve #NailedIt getting to and from Brisbane Airport, get to gate worry free and check out How to #NailIt at Brisbane International Terminal or How to #Nail transit at Brisbane Domestic Terminal here.

Mother Daughter moment at Glasshouse Bar Brisbane Domestic Terminal
Mother Daughter moment at Glasshouse Bar BNE Domestic Terminal

We’d love to hear your hot tips on getting to and from Brisbane Airport, please reply below:

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