13 cool Minecraft toys for kids, have Minecraft will travel

Minecraft Toys Lego
Minecraft Lego

In the past six years, we’ve collected an impressive diecast Cars collection, watched Wall-E countless times, the movie is etched so deeply in our minds we almost named our second-born Eva after Wall-e’s love interest. We’ve known the intricacies of each dragon in the How to Train Your Dragon series and have been mesmerised by stars and space. Now the spotlight is on the 3D building block free form game, Minecraft, stealing our recently turned 6 year old’s heart.

Have Minecraft will travel

It’s become a breeze to travel with a Minecraft loving kid. In times of need, the iPad with the Minecraft Pocket Edition game subdues tantrums and stems boredom on long-haul flights, immigration queues and big road trips. With the new Minecraft StoryMode available on iPad and on consoles, the new Mojang game makes for a powerful carrot to dangle for good behaviour. Oh yes, we do resort to bribery.

13 cool Minecraft toys for boys (and girls)

Here are some cool Minecraft games toys that any fanatic would love:

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Lifesaver or worse decision ever? Parents both love and hate the day Minecraft was downloaded for $6.99 from iTunes. Android users may feel slightly ripped off at the higher price of $8.99, though both versions are the same in game play. A small price to pay to take Minecraft everywhere you go.

Kids can mine to their hearts either in stand-alone mode without a WIFI connection or on paired devices where kids can blow up creepers and explore the nether together. Parents be warned that you may need to crowbar your kids away from the iPad screen.

Minecraft Seeds, Servers and Mini-games

Like a virtual lego for kids only with zombies and hostile mobs to fight. Kids will be expertly placing 3D blocks to build impressive structures, spawn creatures into a world of their creation or mine for precious diamonds. Before you know it, kids are exploring other peoples worlds known as seeds, or play collaboratively in mini-games on virtual servers. For little ones, there are G rated servers out there and play should always be monitored.

Relax it’s educational

…a form of self-education masquerating as entertainment, which is why parents tend not to see it as a scourge and teachers are bringing it into the classroom.

TIME Magazine

Mojang the original creators of Minecraft were bought out by Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion dollars, and have big plans for Minecraft, among other things they have created a Minecraft in education portal where Minecraft is used in schools for students to explore “mathematical concepts like perimeter, area and volume by breaking and placing Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft PE vs Consoles

Minecraft lovers know that Minecraft PE is the lighter version of the full game found on PS3, PS4, Xbox, Mac and PC editions. “It’s just better!” With more inventory, mods, maps and seeds features.

Eventually as technology catches up the mobile versions will incorporate more features and functionality, but this may not be before parents succumbing to a purchase of an Xbox or Playstation.

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2. Minecraft Story Mode

The original Minecraft has a staggering 70 million copies sold worldwide.  The recently launched Minecraft Story Mode developed by Telltale Games, will have kids salivating to play. At $6.99 on IOS and $6.54 on Android, it’s a low entry price for parents to pay to keep kids entertained. The catch, the charge is per episode and there are five episodes in total.

Minecraft Story Mode is a narrative adventure game where kids can interact with a new Minecraft character named Jesse as he embarks on a series of adventures. Kids get to effect the outcome of a story based on how they complete previous episode.

Available on PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox. Minecrart StoryMode is also set to be released for the first time on the Nintendo Wii U. It has a PG rating rather than a G and targeted at older kids as there are some naughty words like “crap” and “ass” and some parts can frighten kids.

3. YouTube Minecraft Gamers, watch superstars Stampy & Dan TDM

We are thankful for airport WIFI hotspots and YouTube commentator and gamers Stampy and Dan TDM.

Stampylonghead garners 6.5 million subscribers for his famous Minecraft Let’s Play videos. A hero of our household and parent friendly keeping comments G rated. Dan TDM also keeps it family friendly boasting 8.2 million subscribers all following closely to his Minecraft walkthroughs and tutorials.

4. Avatars of your favourite YouTube gamers by Endertoys

Cashing in on the popularity of Minecraft YouTube gamers, you can buy their toy avatars. Only the real hardcore fans will know about L for Lee, iBallisticSquid, Stampy and Dan TDM.

You can buy Dan TDM! Dan the diamond mine cart
You can buy Dan TDM!

These hot Minecraft toys are available from Endertoys on Amazon ranging from $10 -$20 USD.

Minecraft Toys: You can buy Stampy!
You can buy Stampy!

Also available as keyrings for $10 USD a set of 4.

5. Minecraft Mini Figures

For such a global phenomenon, the equivalent of Frozen for a the boy market, the Minecraft toys merchandise is a bit of a let down. Here’s where Disney should have taken over the merchandising license. The Minecraft figurines are cheaply made and overpriced.

The exception are the Minecraft Mini-Figures cute mini figurines with a larger block head that come in a mystery Minecraft blind pack, where kids collect the series. They can be found at your local Woolworths or Big W in Australia for $6. I have picked up one as a reward for good behaviour, should I need it in transit.

Minecraft Toy: Minecraft Mini figures
Minecraft Mini figures

You can store all the mini figures in a Minecraft Mini Figure collector case

Minecraft Toy Minecraft Mini figures collectos box
Minecraft Mini figures collectos box

6. Minecraft Hangers

These minecraft figures finished off with a keychain are very popular amongst kids. Presented in a blind bag, there are a series of figures to collect. The quality lets them down a little with the head falling off and the plastic key chain breaking. Easily fixed, with superglue and replacing the plastic key ring with a metal one. Hangers cost $8 and available at Toys R Us, Myer, Kmart and Big W.

Minecraft Toy Minecraft Lego Crafting Box
Minecraft Key Hangers collectibles

7. Minecraft Lego

The redeeming factor for Minecraft merchandise is that lego has gotten in on the act and produced very impressive and rather expensive Minecraft Lego series, boxes of lego range from $29 to $129. Look out for the big toy sale at Target and Big W in mid-July in Australia. Minecraft boxes were snapped up at 40% off  the original price.

Pretty cool – Minecraft ‘The First Night” Lego to relive your first Minecraft survival mode in lego style

For travelling, these kits are too big and pieces too small, however kids can take a few favourites in a ziplock bag.

For $79.99 there’s a Minecraft Lego Crafting Box, a starter box that has 8-in-1 instructions or like Minecraft, kids have free reign to build whatever they please. New to the Minecraft Lego series is the Minecraft Snow Hideout complete with friendly shooting Snow Golem for $59.

Minecraft plush set Minecraft Lego Crafting Box
Minecraft Lego Crafting Box

8. Minecraft Plush

Small pixelated soft Minecraft toys are quite adorable and small enough to take on travels. There’s a range of characters to collect the Enderman, Ocelot and Creeper are quite popular and cost $15 each from Kmart.

Knock-off plushes – entire sets at Aliexpress

Here’s a little secret, plan in advance and get the entire Minecraft Toys plush set for a fraction of the price at Aliexpress.

Though it can take months to ship, they will eventually arrive and a complete set of 7 pieces with free shipping will cost $17.99. Shop Ali Express for sets of Minecraft Hangers, figurines, and toys.

Minecraft toy: Knock-off Minecraft Plush toys for a fraction of the price
Knock-off Minecraft Plush toys for a fraction of the price at Aliexpress

9. Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe

Kids can fight off an Enderman in real life with Minecraft Diamond Sword or Pickaxe. For $35 money, there’s absolutely no justification for “heavy EVA foam”, but the heart wants what the hearts wants, in case you didn’t know “it’s the strongest of all the swords!”

Minecraft Toys Diamond Sword and Pickaxe
Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe

Parents if choosing between the pickaxe and sword, it’s the sword every time.

10. Minecraft Wall Torch

Not travel friendly but a great bribe nevertheless is a Minecraft Torch. Kids can shine a light and fend off spawning mobs outside with the Minecraft Torch which has a very uncanny resemblance to the virtual torch in the game.

The torch lights up and can be mounted to a wall. This cool Minecraft Toy is not cheap coming in at $39.99 from Toys R Us.

Minecraft toy: Minecraft Wall Torch
Minecraft Wall Torch

11. Minecraft toy figures – mediocre but worth a mention

Kids don’t go nuts for the Minecraft figurines, resembling minature Minecraft characters these plastic figurines have movable limbs and heads but don’t do anything too exciting. The quality is substandard and they cost between $12-$15.

The main problem with these Minecraft toys is that kids cannot build houses, explore villages or create.

Minecraft toy: Minecraft figurines
Minecraft figurines – angry mob

12. Minecraft Offical Mojang Handbook

The Minecraft Handbook series have made it in the top 10 New York Time Games and Activities best sellers, coming in at number 37 and 41 of the Top 100 USA Today Best Sellers.  There are four “Official” handbooks:

Minecraft: Essentials Handbook

Minecraft toy: Minecraft: Essentials Handbook
Minecraft: Essentials Handbook

Minecraft: Combat Handbook

Minecraft toy: Minecraft: Combat Handbook
Minecraft: Combat Handbook

Minecraft: Restone Handbook

Minecraft toy: Minecraft: Restone Handbook
Minecraft: Restone Handbook

Minecraft: Construction Handbook

Minecraft toy: Minecraft: Construction Handbook
Minecraft: Construction Handbook

13. Minecraft Lightup Diamond Ore

It’s a black plastic block that lights up  blue and costs $35. Through the eyes of your child, it’s a real precious diamond block of ore that they can use to craft diamond armor and keep them safe at night.

Minecraft toy: Why is it so special? "BECAUSE it's like I mined a real life precious diamond ore"
Minecraft Diamond Ore, “BECAUSE it’s like I mined a real life precious diamond ore”

Also available in Redstone.

Minecraft toy: Minecraft Redstone - lights up
Minecraft Redstone – lights up

Happy 6th birthday boy

Rather than the usual retrospective birthday blog, I thought to write about something that accompany’s my son’s travels and dear to his heart –  Minecraft toys.

Happy Minecraft birthday little guy xo
Happy Minecraft birthday little guy xo

Happy birthday little guy and we’re looking forward to embracing Minecraft toys or whatever the next big thing is.

Minecraft cake by my dear friend Oh So Busy Mum
Minecraft cake by my dear friend Oh So Busy Mum

Did I miss any hot Minecraft toys from list? What are your favourite Minecraft toys?  Please leave a comment below:

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