Celebrating diversity with a DNA Test

Hopefully, there’s a recessive Scandinavian mega-tall and good-looking gene that we’ve passed onto our kids, rather than whatever the gene is that has created generations of unusually short Chinese people on my side of the family. With special thanks to Momondo and The DNA Journey, we have this incredible opportunity to uncover our kids genetic makeup, simply by having my son spit into a tube.

The ancestryDNA test results may just explain the hint of ginger that peaks through my husband’s occasional beard and whether he’s passed on a wee bit of fiery Scotsman to the next generation.

Growing up, I’ve experienced racism in Australia and as a coping mechanism, I’ve shunned my Chinese heritage and its taken me awhile to realise that I should be proud of where I come from. I hope my kids will never feel ashamed of who they are and embrace what makes them unique.

The DNA test has me curious and exited, I’m ready to ignite the discussion and uncover our children’s genetic origins, with the mash-up of their parents, I’m sure the results will not be dull. This is a wonderful step for our family to celebrate their diversity in a multicultural Australia. Hopefully they’ll be proud to see how connected they are to the rest of the world.

My short-ass family :)
My short-ass family on the right 🙂

Discovering our DNA in Two Easy Steps

Our DNA test kit which can be ordered online from ancestryDNA, arrived in a box neatly packaged with everything you need to test your DNA. Instructions are straightforward with with a card that contains clear illustrations that guided us through the simple process of DNA testing in Australia. There are two easy steps to complete the DNA test:

1 Activate DNA Kit Online

Register an AncestryDNA account and link the 15-digit activation codefrom the unique number found on the collection tube in the DNA test kit Australia.

2 Gather DNA by spitting into a tube

Fill the tube up to the black wavy line marked on the tube enclosed. Screw on the enclosed cap tightly and it will release a blue stablising solution for the saliva.

Shake the tube, place the tube in the bag, pop it in the enclosed free shipping box and mail in the sample. DNA results are ready in 6 – 8 weeks. A link with the DNA test results is emailed and available by logging onto Ancestry.com.au.

All DNA tests are conducted by Momondo’s partner ancestryDNA and Momondo does not handle any DNA testing directly.

Cost of DNA Test Australia

DNA test kits for genetic testing is available at AncestryDNA and cost $149 AUD excluding postage and handling.

Enter Competition to win

Here’s the exciting part, you can win a free DNA kit. Join Momondo’s Open Your World competition and win your own DNA kit and one lucky person will win $2000 AUD towards a trip to the country on the DNA results – cross fingers you have Tahitian in you, because Bora Bora beckons!

Join in the conversation, celebrate diversity and share your DNA results using the hashtag #LetsOpenOur World.

The first phase of the competition ends May 3rd, 2017 at 10:00 CEST. The second phase ends August 3rd, 2017 at 10:00 CEST.

Click here to enter competition.

Thanks Momondo for the boy’s DNA kit and the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful campaign.

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