Happy birthday dear husband

Happy birthday dad
Happy birthday dad

I was flicking through photos from a Caribbean group holiday which were taken seemingly a lifetime ago, when a photo stopped me in my tracks.  I had to sit upright and study a most shocking photo trying to figure out who this woman was and what the hell was she doing?

The image was of a younger, much tanner version of me, drawing love notes in the sand on a beach in Antigua. Was this something we use to do? Now with kids, my focus has slowly shifted towards the children. If I was drawing anything today at the beach in the sand, it would be of dragons or dolphins for the monkeys.

Apparently I did this, Shane 4 Rene <3
Apparently I did this, Shane 4 Rene <3, Antigua way before kids

I know there are a many loved up married couples with kids that are holding hands and taking long walks at sunset out there. Shane and I do not belong to this group. Our current idea of true bliss is when the kids goto bed. One lounges, and I mean fully reclined across the whole 8 seater corner sofa, watching the replay of the Hawks Grand Final, whilst the other makes a hasty escape for some mindless surfing of the world wide web. By the way, have you seen What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast?

Before the memories completely fade and we make the purchase of two single beds side by side like elderly roomies (the idea still appeals to me). I wish my dear husband a happy birthday.

Our bedding arrangement in the future
Our bedding arrangement in the future

Thank you dearest

For taking it on the chin, when my father in his Chinese style bluntness, said that no good will come of both of us should we stay together.

All is well now
All is well now

For driving me back home when I failed my P plates and reassuring me that I’m not that bad a driver.

For helping me move into my dorm room and shuttling me to and from lectures, when you could’ve easily slept in.

For carrying me home when I’ve had one t0o many.

For coming all the way to Seoul to wait “just five more minutes” for me to finish work, which turned into hours late into the night (Koreans do not know what work life balance is).

Exploring freezing South Korea
Exploring freezing South Korea with Vans and Doc Martins on our feet

For leaving the Cayman Islands, because even though it was perfect for you it wasn’t paradise for me.

Arriving in paradise
Arriving in paradise, I think that t-shirt only left his wardrobe recently

For dragging me to London which turned out to be the best thing we ever did.

Young drunk love
Young drunk love

For the most wonderful adventures around the world.

We got hit by an Italian quadriplegic on a zebra crossing in Rome. Here we are at the Trevi Fountain.
This is the paraplegic Italian who accidentally ran us over on a zebra crossing in Rome. We got in his car for gelato at the Trevi Fountain afterwards.


Here we are not very elegantly cavern diving in Tulum, Mexico
Not very elegantly cavern diving in Tulum, Mexico


For marrying me

Our wedding day
Our wedding day

For baby 1

Baby Liam
Baby Liam

For dragging me to St Louis which turned out to be quite the fun adventure.

World Series Ring
World Series Ring 😉

For baby 2

Baby Layla
Baby Layla

For being an extraordinary father and husband.

For supporting me in all the crazy ideas I’ve ever had including this blogging thing.

Happy birthday dear husband. I love you.






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    • Thank you for sharing. I hope you are OK 🙂 This was a cheeky love letter to my husband. We’re still going strong…. cross fingers. x

  • This actually made me a little teary reading this. Gorgeous piece for your husband. Having kids takes a tough toll on marriages with time together being so difficult to get. Kid’s bedtime is bliss. I am currently forcing my husband to binge on Game of Thrones – we are up to series 3 and it has been 2 weeks as a “together” activity when the kids go to bed. I may be too exhausted for any real conversation and have dark circles under my eyes but at least we get to snuggle on the couch.

    • Thank you Danielle, you always are so positive and supportive. It’s much appreciated. Now, I hear this Game of Thrones thing is BIG. I am much behind on my TV watching and snuggle time. Sounds like you have your own little bliss there. xoxo

  • Lovely, sounds like you picked a winner, so did he! Have a very merry Christmas. Love the reference to ‘this blogging thing’! I think my husband feels the same.

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