Happy Birthday Layla Joy

Happy Birthday Layla Joy
Happy Birthday Layla Joy

Perhaps it’s because she’s the second child that on Layla’s birthday there were reused decorations, last minute presents, noticeably less presents than that of her older sibling and the exact same themed cupcakes as her previous birthday.

The last one is entirely my doing, I am not a baker and had left over patty tins, coloring and cake toppers from last year. On the verge of going to the supermarket to buy an iced sponge, I decided it’s not a birthday without some of mummy’s handmade bi-annual cupcakes. Luckily she won’t remember a thing.

Happy birthday dear Layla – 2 already!

Happy birthday dear Layla, our fiery ball of cuteness. She certainly lives up to her middle name and as corny as it sounds. Every day is allot of Joy with her. Feisty determined Joy, but Joy nevertheless. An example of which was today where she refused to wear any clothes.

There aren’t many photo’s of her birthday that I can post due to the fact that she’s completely starkers. There are mini nudists in my household. Incidentally, when one wears no clothes, the other one must follow. Still there are advantages of being nudey rudey, there’s hardly any clothes to wash and it’s great for toilet training.

Little girl love

I love this little girl

It’s extraordinary to see part of your heart walking around. I smile inwardly as she climbs the bar stool to get to a banana so that she can call dad on it. Throwing her potty around the house to get the message across that she does NOT want to go. Using her current made-up language dotted with some audible english words to tell me a story I don’t understand.

She uses this same expressive language to tell somebody off, which to me resembles a passionate Italian woman speaking in broken english. Yet. she is the most affectionate, loving and kind little girl. You just need to be in her inner circle as she’s not going to dish out kisses to any passer by.

Anybody else have a feisty child? How did you celebrate your second child’s birthday? Love to hear about it, please comment below. 

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