I love my Ergobaby carrier

A hippy mummy friend of mine most probably speaks the truth – that tap water does contain parasites that make you sick. It’s better to drink bottled water. The same mummy friend introduced me to the Ergo baby carrier. Always a skeptic, I tried it on and just loved it! I am a full convert to the Ergo, though I still drink tap water (and eat meat and sugar and drink smoothies that aren’t green in colour).

Whenever I go traveling, the Ergo comes with me. It’s particularly handy when you are traveling alone, allowing you to have your hands free to push all that luggage (and mamas, we do carry a lot of gear!) In addition, it allows for other handy things. For example, the baby can sleep on you but you are still free to roam. Also, though not very glamorous but necessary, it allows you freedom for going to the loo and you both fit in a airplane or airport toilet.

The Ergo is on the pricey side, but worth the price for quality, comfort and ease of use. Another bonus – they are sought after in the second-hand market and have a good re-sale value.

Why is it so damn good?

Super comfortable

The Ergo doesn’t pull on your back like some other carriers (Looking at you, Baby Bjorn!). You carry the weight on your shoulders and hips. The comfy padded shoulder straps makes you feel like you aren’t carrying a lot of weight. This is not to say that you don’t feel the weight, but you feel less of the weight with this carrier.

Easy to use – front wearing

The infant faces you when you are wearing the Ergo on your front. It’s just a matter of putting on the shoulder straps and clipping the hip strap around you. There’s another strap at the top near the base of your neck that you clip together to hold the shoulder straps together. It’s really easy. I can clip it on and off quite quickly. For instance, it’s perfect when you go through security, even if your child is fast asleep. Though you are required to take baby and harness off and walk through the security gate, with the Ergo you can throw it back on without much disruption.

I will take points off for back wearing. I find it to be a little cumbersome. I always need someone to cradle the child on my back before I can loop my other arm around like a backpack. I may not be doing this correctly though. So it could be user error. When I do have my child on the back, it’s equally as comfortable and they love a good piggy back.
Stylish with lots of options

As far as baby carriers and slings go, the Ergo baby is good looking. There are different fabric options from which to choose. I went for the Organic Cotton Petunia Picklebottom – Peaceful Portofino design and get lots of positive comments about it. There’s also a large range; ones for travel with zips and pockets, ones for sport, a winter one to keep babies snug and an insert for the newborn.

For Aussies, check out this great baby wearing company www.babeinarms.com.au

Long life

Layla is almost 2. Though I now use it less, I still definitely use it when going through airports. Of course, you can just carry the kids – but they do get heavy and as they get older I find that my kiddos like to fly out of my arms.

You get a lot of mileage out of the Ergo. I have spoken to a few mums that have used their carriers until age 2-3. The official weight limit is 20kg. A good friend of mine, who is quite petite, has twins and used her Ego baby carriers with one on the front and one on the back well past age 3. So, it can be done..

Layla fast asleep in the Ergo as we take a walk at The Olgas. Northern Territory.
Layla fast asleep in the Ergo as we take a walk at The Olgas. Northern Territory.
Layla at Bribie Island in the Ergobaby carrier.
Layla at Bribie Island in the Ergobaby carrier.

What are you Ergo baby experiences? Any questions on the Ergo? Please post below.

[:en]You won’t regret it![:zh] 买它你不会后悔的 !


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