Review of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

After our ordeal that was getting stranded in Dubai airport. The Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, was like a wonderful shiny oasis.

What distinguishes the Kempinski Hotel from other 5 star hotels is it’s service. My opinions maybe biased as prior to checking into the hotel, we were on the receiving end of some awful customer service from Emirates airline. Not withstanding the fact that we were stuck in Dubai and feeling sorry for ourselves, we loved our stay at the Kempinski. There are much worst places to be stuck than here.

Reasons why Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates is superb:

  1. Excellent customer service

    The staff go above and beyond. Having arrived at the Kempinski at the early hours of the morning with two tired young kids, 36 hours after leaving Brisbane and 22 hours waiting at Dubai airport. Sick and deflated. Knowing that booking last minute meant check-in wasn’t until 3pm that day. The staff notified the manager and within an hour of arriving we were upgraded to a suite and a doctor was on his way. Not only was this addressed quickly and smoothly. The manager, Mr Ahmed brewed two pots of herbal tea for our troubles. Not to mention two decadent lollipops for the kids. We are forever indebted by Mr Ahmed’s and the front desk staff for their kindness. The tea restored our faith in humanity.The staff in the lobby were always were genuinely warm and kind to our kids. When they were running amok in the expanse of the lobby they were there with smiles playing chase with them, make sure they didn’t run out on the streets and giving them cuddles. When Layla was silently tantruming laying on the floor. There was a kind restaurant staff that brought her a lollipop.When we explained our situation with the delayed bags and the constant promises of it turning up. It was the bell staff that rang Emirates on our behalf to follow up. Incidentally, Emirates were not able to provide a phone number, it was a contact that the staff had.

  2. Impeccably clean

    It’s not only the glimmering lobby that is spotless. The hotel room was cleaned thoroughly each day and everything replenished. All facilities such as the pool, gym and common areas were impeccably clean. With our kids, clothes were always strewn all over beds and floors; however we always came back to neatly folded garments placed on the turned down bed.

  3. Added little touches

    It’s the little things that sets the hotel apart. They place delicious potpourri in public areas such as the elevator, lobby, corridors and hotel restrooms, the scent is so lovely. I can still remember it, if I close my eyes.

    They also provide large bottles of free bottled water in the hotel rooms and re-stocked each day.Inside the suite, fresh flowers are on display and a florist provides new flower arrangements every few days.

    They don’t skimp of the toiletries, offering things such as dental kits which is a God-send when you have absolutely no luggage for the duration of your stay. They are Colgate toothbrushes and paste too, not your generic variety.

    They delivered traditional arabian sweets during turn down service.

  4. Attached to a great shopping mall

    As you walk through the lobby from the front entrance there are two shiny glass doors that leads you directly to the Mall of the Emirates. It’s in a great spot within the mall, right by the Ski Dubai indoor ski center, the UK luxury department store Harvey Nichols and not far from a large food court and retailers such as H&M, Billabong and GAP.It’s very handy when you are stranded in Dubai with no luggage to be attached to mall. It is also very convenient for families with kids as you can pick up all amenities in this mall. As it has a full lined Carrefour supermarket and many great kid clothing stores.

    For a full list of retailers or more information for the Mall of the Emirates click here.

  5. Easy to get to

    Should you wish to roam further, Taxi’s are readily available from the front of the hotel. The Mall of the Emirates Metro link is directly access from the mall itself, making it easy to get to popular spots in Dubai. The hotel also offers a “town car” which is a Lexus.

  1. Great food

    Though we only dined for breakfast, they put on a fantastic spread of local and western cuisine and was consistently fresh and delicious with a large variety.

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates hotel lobby
Kempinski Mall of the Emirates hotel lobby

Nit-picking areas for improvement:

  1. Slight disconnect between housekeeping and front desk

    All standard rooms have a double sofa bed, the suite we were kindly upgraded to did not, therefore two fold out single beds was arranged instead. Housekeeping delivered one bed, but was not permitted to add another bed without confirming with front desk. There was a slight miscommunication which delayed the second bed until late in the evening. The beds were provided free of charge, were made up quickly and without fuss. In the meantime there was plenty of space for the kids to sleep; there’s a large king bed, a sofa and another armchair with ottoman.

  2. Limited knowledge of child friendly activities from the concierge

    When asking the concierge for the best places visit with kids in Dubai, they weren’t sure as to what the top attractions were for our age group. We also mentioned heading up the Burj Khalifa, however they did not realise that there is no chance of  going up the building without booking at least week in advance; which we found out when we got there. We don’t have any regrets missing out on going up though.

  3. Price

    Last minute standard rooms are $520+ per night for 2 adults and 2 kids, which is on the expensive side and maybe out of reach for most average families. For us, it was emergency last minute accommodation with limited options. Prices maybe lower if booking ahead and during off-peak times.

  4. Location

    Located in a new part of Dubai – Al Barsha, near the Burj Al Arab Aram and between the Mariner and Downtown, besides the mall there is not much in terms of attractions in the area. It can feel less central and a little isolated, especially travelling from the airport. However, it’s easily connected to the Mall of the Emirates, which is connected to it’s own metro link. From here, you can access any Dubai hot spot. Taxi’s are easily accessible and quite affordable. We took taxi’s to see the major sights around Dubai.

  5. Beds

    I know allot of people are fans of hard mattresses. These mattresses though not very hard, they were on the firm side. This maybe the preference in the Middle East or to it’s clientele.

Have you stayed at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates, Dubai? Any thoughts or comments on this hotel? Love to hear from you below. See my first Vlog here: Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Video Review

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