Legend of the Seas ship review – complete guide for families

Legend of the Seas - kids love a whirlpool
Legend of the Seas - kids love a whirlpool

The ship has bright and spacious standard cabins, and there are a selection of family options, including 3 and 4 bed configurations and interconnecting cabins, which can sleep between 6-8 people.


  • Hi Renee, this is the most comprehensive family cruising guide I have ever read! It’s actually taken me a few days to read through it all. I do love all your expanding boxes and the section where you can click on the left to move section. These work well.

    I’ve only done a three day cruise, just by myself, for a blogging trip. My twins are really really lively especially my son and I remember thinking then that I’d never take him on ship as he’d jump up to look over the side and cause me too many heart attacks. he’s 9 now and I still don’t think I’d take him.

    Must say that I would love to cruise again but probably a smaller and more adventurous type cruise. The bigger ones do many great value family holidays though… my husband would never cruise though as he gets seasick. Boo. Well done you.

    • I apologise that you went to all that trouble to read this! I am very flattered that you did. Thank you so much Seana. xoxoxo

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