Not loving the Baby Bjorn carrier

Travel with kids Baby Bjorn carrier

I have very fond memories of my Baby Bjorn carrier. We took Liam to his first baseball game in it. My husband carried him all across America in it. So I can’t completely bag it out. It’s OK. Althought, there are other slings and harnesses that are better.

Let’s start off with the good:

Easy to use

There are two parts to the carrier. The harness slips on like a backpack, then the piece where the baby sits clips on, using colour-coded tabs. All very intuitive to use. All the adjustable straps are easily accessible and straight forward. You still need to fiddle a little bit. But there are lots of YouTube videos to show you how to use it.

Baby facing you and facing forward

Unlike lots of carriers, the Baby Bjorn allows the baby to both face you and face forwards, the latter assuming that they have good head control. Liam loved looking out to the world.


This is made for newborn babies from the get go. It has this great neck support piece, so baby is not slumping when asleep. No additional inserts required.

Now the bad:

Kills your back!

Even with lumbar support,it just pulled at my back,especially the lower part of my back. I found it really uncomfortable after only 20-30 minutes. We did a full day trip with just the Bjorn when visiting Seattle and by the end of the day my shoulders and back ached. When navigating airports, I couldn’t wait to get onboard to take the thing off. Being my first baby, I just figured that was the way it was with carriers and baby wearing.

Although the official weight limit is 14kg, it would be too painful to carry the maximum load on your back.

Liam in Baby Bjorn at a baseball came
At a Mariners vs Red Sox baseball game in Seattle. Notice, that I am not wearing the harness and the Cardinals cap.


Four years ago, the Baby Bjorn was the leading baby carrier. I purchased the Active Baby Bjorn as it offered lumbar support. At the time, I paid $180 (AUD) from a baby store. Yikes!

Slumped head when sleeping facing forward

When your child is old enough to face forward and they fall asleep, the childs head just slumps to the side. With other carriers they are comfortably nestled into you, resting their head on your chest. The Ergo even has a hood for extra head support.

The Baby Bjorn has Swedish roots. I often wonder if I was Swedish, gorgeous and tall, whether the Bjorn would have been a better fit? Look at this Alp-loving, multiple Baby Bjorn-wearing couple. They don’t seem to have any back pain at all!

A very attractive Bjorn loving couple, alps backdrop.

Have you had a positive experience? Am I being too harsh? Please leave your comments below:

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Try before you buy. There are better carriers on the market.

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  • You know what – I am loving my Baby Bjorn at the moment. It is tatty (it is 6 years old), and needs a bit of a clean but I am using it with baby number 3 daily. My back is holding up ok but my major concern is its use in hot weather – not that that is a problem in Melbourne right now.

    • That’s really good to hear and good work on giving it another go, 3rd times a charm, I gather?

      I’m still a big fan of baby wearing, whatever the carrier is, I sold mine for $20 at a baby market, I wonder if it’s getting some good use.


  • Totally agree. The baby bjorn is also not good for babies hips and is to be actively avoided for bubs prone to DDH (hip displaysia) due to the poor positioning of the hips. My son was diagnosed with DDH at 6 weeks, he had zero risk factors but had spent most of his little life to that point in baby bjorn due to acid reflux. The orthopaedic surgeon strong recommended avoiding the baby bjorn and suggested the ergo or moby carriers. My baby was put in a full time hip brace for 12 weeks, and even with he brace on I was still able to put him in the ergo or moby with the brace on- ie it naturally puts babies hips in the perfect position! Go the ergo!

    • Tanks for popping by and I’m so glad I’m not alone with my opinion.

      Poor bubs with his tiny hips.

      I am a big fan of Ergo. The 360 looks pretty amazing. Almost makes me want to have another baby just to try it out… jokes!


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