Oh so comfy Boba Wrap

Travel with babies with a comfy Boba wrap
So comfortable, Boba Wrap

My mum carried me on her back in a Chinese fabric harness called a “Mei Tai” for the practicality. She could then take me along to do her jobs; working in the kitchen, cleaning, sewing and baby sitting for hours on end. (By the way, this was Australia in the late 70‘s, I’m sure there are laws against that now.) Turns out there are many New Age benefits to such a contraption, including encouraging attachment parenting, better mother-baby bond, and increased positive psychological, cognitive and emotional health for the babies. So, good work, Mum!

The Boba Wrap is great. It’s simply a piece of fabric, making it light. It also takes up little space when folded; which is always a good thing when traveling. Compared to other slings and harnesses on the market, it’s very affordable. I picked up a nice, plain (slimming) black Boba Wrap for under $40, click here to buy.

There’s another company that makes a Moby Wrap, click here to buy. Essentially, they are the same thing.

What’s so good about it?

  • Oh, so comfy!
    The stretchy material is so comfortable, supporting and hugging your baby to you. The baby is tucked away in a soft cocoon. It’s almost like you are swaddling the baby on-the-go. So they sleep well and are very content. The way you cross the wrap over the back of your shoulders, it gives two wide panels of support across your back. I carried Layla for a few hours at a time without discomfort.
  • Variety
    Between the Moby and Boba wraps, there is a wide range of colour options from which to choose. I quite like the Ocean one myself.
  • Versatile
    There are different ways to wrap the Boba (or Moby). There are different wraps for different ages. There’s also a wrap to carry baby on your hip and another one for carrying your child on your back. Check out different holds here.
  • Easy to wash
    You just throw it in the wash if it gets dirty. Easy.
Visiting King Beach, Coloundra with Layla in the Boba Wrap
Visiting King Beach, Coloundra with Layla in the Boba Wrap

Here are some less desirable points:

  • Difficult to use at the start
    It’s not the most intuitive to use and requires lots of practice. There are, however, many sites and YouTube videos that walk you through the step-by-step way to wrap. The more you use it, the easier it gets. Layla was almost falling out the first few times I used it. It felt very awkward, but it soon became second nature.
  • It’s a bit warm
    It get’s a bit warm. Living in Brisbane, where it’s often humid, it can feel especially toasty. You and baby feel the amount of fabric on you.
  • Taking on and off
    So, once you master how to tie the wrap, you can pop baby in and out quite easily.On a morning when Liam had daycare, I could, for example:
    • tie the Boba wrap to me before putting the kids in the car
    • drive there with the wrap on me
    • put Layla in the Boba to drop off Liam
    • take Lalya out of the Boba into the car to drive to the shops, leaving the wrap on me
    • put Layla back in to pick up a few things.
    • I could do all of his without having to re-tie the Boba wrap.

Even though you eventually master how to tie the wrap, it’s still fiddly to tie and un-tie. It’s not as easy as, say, a carrier, where you just clip it on and off. That’s why I kept it on. If you’re fashion-minded, you’ll find that it’s not the best look with all this fabric tied across you. But it works!

Boba wrap
Queensland beaches in the winter are amazing. Here we are going to our fav spots beautiful Woorim Beach with Layla tucked away in her Boba Wrap

Do you have a Boba or Moby wrap? Looking at getting one? Would love to hear from you. Put your comments below.

A great option if you are on a budget and not intending to use it for a long time.

10 Comfort
10 Affordability
7 Stylish
6 Ease of Use
8 Longevity


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