The kids first fishing trip off Redcliffe Jetty

The kids first fishing trip off Recliffe Jetty
The kids first fishing trip off Recliffe Jetty

Fishermen we are not. Last time we caught a fish was deep in the Amazon jungle. It was raining and our day trip was cancelled so the resort offered us some hand lines, baited with steak to fish for Piranha. We weren’t successful, although the staff were very accommodating, running to the kitchen for more steak. We threw allot of prime beef (a rare commodity in the Amazon) into the river before we caught a teeny tiny Piranha.

A couple of weekends ago, on a hot sunny Saturday; where some parts of the Northern Hemisphere were experiencing a polar vortex. We decided to try our luck again, this time with the kiddies for their first fishing trip off Redcliffe Jetty.

Redcliffe is a sleepy seaside suburb, 35 km north of Brisbane. On week-days the majority of the population are retired folk with a few mums here and there. However after school hours and on weekends it’s buzzing with happy kids swimming in the free lagoon by the sea. It’s a picturesque spot with a beautiful jetty not too far from Brisbane where you can spend a few hours or even a day hanging out.

People usually get to Redcliffe early on the weekends to reserve a gazebo complete with BBQ along the foreshore or one of the precious sheltered areas by the sea. I’m fascinated by these people. I’ve seen tables set nicely with table linens, arranged cutlery and plates, all sorts of food and drinks, extra chairs and shade umbrellas. One day I shall join this group. For now, managing to have all kids out the door with shoes on is a significant achievement.  If you are less organised. A picnic rug under a tree and some fish and chips works nicely.

We had very little expectation of catching anything, as a result our gear consisted of a toddler tackle box and reel and Layla’s sand bucket “just in case” we caught a fish.

To our surprise we actually caught something with Liam’s beginner fishing rod – a crab! It happened almost immediately after throwing the line in. Followed by lots of screams of excitement as a bounty of fish followed. Ok, our fish bounty is not one that proper fishermen would even consider “fishing”. However, to out little family. This was a step up from a tiny piranha caught with three plates of steak.


A great day of amateur fishing fun. Next time we shall be better equipped to catch the big one.

TIP Bait, toilets and sunscreen

Bait can be purchased up from a newsagent (convenience store) in Scarborough – address 109 Tourist Drive, Scarborough. It’s about 2.2 km further north of Redcliffe Jetty. They have a pack of frozen prawns for $6 in the freezer.

The nearest toilets are located across the street and a few hundred meters from the jetty. Best to go beforehand as there are no toilets on the jetty.

Don’t fry – pack sunscreen and a hat. There is a sheltered gazebo area in the middle of the jetty. However the rest of the jetty is exposed.


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