How am I going to get the kids to school on time?

Come and get it Layla Yoghurt Tub
If you want it, come and get it - yoghurt tub.

Once again, I was late for drop off. Mornings are often a crazy rush out the door. My half asleep brain struggling to keep up with time, which feels as if it’s leaping off the clock.  Next year my son starts school, how am I going to get the kids to school on time?

To all the mums out there that make it to school drop off, playdates or anywhere for that matter on time or even early, I salute you. I have the best intentions of getting places on time, but things always come up and I am forever 15 minutes late. I was often prepared and on time pre-kids. So why have I let things slip!?

Today’s thing has to do with Layla. My two year old loves to take off her pants and nappy as soon as I put them on her. She plays a hide and seek game with me where she strategically places her clothing around the house.

My 4 year old son’s breakfast routine does not help with my tardiness. It’s a painful sight to watch, Liam slumped and staring at his breakfast. It’s as if he stares long and hard enough it will vanish instead of eating it. Today’s choice was a bowl of cornflakes which he ate one flake at a time.

Lunch boxes are always a struggle for me. My two kids have completely different tastes which means two different lunches.

Without a moment to spare I start a mad rush out the door, shoving my own breakfast down whilst simultaneously getting presentable. These days, my only expectation for acceptable appearance is to not resemble a hobo.

We were just about ready to go when Layla grabbed my half eaten tub of yoghurt (that’s right, I was suppose to eat breakfast) and started dancing around the kitchen with it, daring me to chase after her. If I chase after her it would inevitably spill on the ground, where I would have to mop it up and we would be definitely late. So I had to play with her and coerce her into giving precarious tub of yoghurt back to me. It was ridiculously cute as Layla chortled and jibber jabbered her way around the kitchen island. So cute in fact that I lost track of time and ended up playing with her for a solid 15 minutes. Which made me absolutely and completely late for drop off.

I should really know better and allow for more time. No more excuses and frantic dashes out the door. No more profuse apologies for being late. It’s time to suck it up and become better at being on time. I know this reality means getting organised.

I’ve spoken to mums that have great strategies for being on time. How do they do it? Some mums wake before their kids to get those extra things done in the morning such as lunch boxes, school bags or lay out clothes. Others pack lunches the previous night. I am cringing as I write this as I know this is where I need to be. That’s how you get the kids to school on time rather than 15 minutes late.

I somehow think that part of the kindy program is not only to prepare your child for school it’s also to prepare the parents. So, I have around 6 months to get it together. Hopefully, Layla will have stopped her rudey nudey hidey nappy faze by then as well.

I just read a post on the key personality trait that often predicts success. This is who I want to be. I don’t think this is who I ever was. I’ve been riding the coattails of my husbands conscientiousness for quite sometime. To my dear husband, thank you for putting the laundry on the line before work today. I would have been super late if I had to do that as well.

I need all the help I can get, have you got any tips on getting kids to school on time? Send them my way by leaving a reply below:


  • I am so glad I read this post as I have been struggling with the same thing. This year my son started school and to do drop offs I have to drag myself, him, my three year old and my four month old baby out the door to get there in time. It will be even more of a challenge when I start back at work and have to look presentable/professional too as the hobo look is standard for me right now as well. The only way for me to cope is pack his lunch the night before and lay out my boys and the baby’s clothes the night before too.

    • To be honest, I am STILL struggling. I wrote this thinking this will get me motivated. Old habits are hard to shake. I still have 6 months! LOL

      I’m not sure how I would possible manage with 3 kids and then returning to work!? Hats off to you! Thank you for the tip about lunches and clothes the night before. It’s such a good idea, will make it my life too 🙂

  • I’m so thankful I homeschool because I’m certain we would be late to school every day too! If we have a special place to be by a certain time, the only way I can manage getting the kids on time to our destination is by being very prepared and organized. If that means getting up before them… that’s what I do.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you find a rhythm that works for you.

    • Thanks Jennifer for the tips. Here I am struggling to get to drop off and you are educating your own children. I have allot to learn. Thanks for the advice, you are a supermom!

  • I have trained myself to wake before the kiddos, even if it’s 15 mins because I need my own time. I have streamlined our morning routine, watch the clock like a crazed lunatic and I use my phone for morning reminders like taking vitamins, show and tell day and any out of the ordinary school stuff. It works most days and we usually arrive a smidge early to school which is nice, gives me a chance to chat with my daughter’s teacher. Not sure how I’ll do it next year with an extra kiddo and an hour earlier start time?! I’ll probably be late = ). xxoo

    • Wow! I admire you even more now. You’ve been doing this all this time? Thanks for the good tips. I have no doubt that 3 kids will be a walk in the park for you, for me I’m stopping at 2. xoxo

  • Hello from the USA! What a beautiful family you have!

    I have had similar struggles to get special needs son out the door. It got even more stressful having him get on a bus. What’s worked for me was putting on a timer every day for when he should go out the door. I go downstairs and tell him to get up, get the lunch and breakfasts prepared, give him a second and last reminder and then I go away. The go-away part really puts the onus on him and prevents unnecessary banter. It’s worked better than me hovering the previous 3 years! =)

    Great ideas and strategy for your young kids. My boy is almost a teenager which probably explains the different “method” of getting him to go to school. =) Do they celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia in May?

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting and I’m also tardy with my replies. Sorry!

      The timer idea is such a great one. It makes mum less of the bad cop. Love it and will dig it out. Thank you.

      On school buses in the USA I love them. Wish we had yellow school busses that shipped the kiddies to school. I was fascinated with them when living in St Louis, such a tourist!

      Yes we just had mother’s day in May with the rest of the world. I think father’s day is on a different day than the USA. Hope you had a good one.

      Thanks for popping by xo

  • I just had an epiphany – yes, it’s definitely prep for the parents, and not the kids! Darn, I think that means I kind of failed kindergarten this time around.

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