Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015 – the best things to do with kids

Wave Swinger at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS
Wave Swinger at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS

Parents hold onto your wallets! The Sydney Royal Easter Show returns for two weeks of fun, commencing Thursday 26th of March 2015 to Wednesday April 8th 2015.  Splurge on carnival rides, choose from the largest line up of showbags yet and snack on the go with lots of treats on a stick.

Although shelling out cash might be the most common undertaking at the show, there are ways to save money whilst creating those wonderful childhood memories.

Here are our highlights covering the best show attractions and handy tips when bringing the kids to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. From where to park, discount on Royal Easter Show tickets, free entertainment, affordable food and the best value showbags for the kiddies.

Cuteness overload with thousands of ducklings and chicks at The Show
Cuteness overload with lots of ducklings and chicks at The Show

Sydney Royal Easter Show dates

Sydney Show Dates 2015

Thursday 26th of March 2015 to Wednesday April 8th 2015

9am to 9:30pm daily with the Coca Cola area opened to late.

See the Royal Easter Show dates and times for the latest information.

Sydney Royal Easter Show location

Address: 1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Click here to view google map.

Map of Sydney Royal Easter showground

Plan your day and check out the Sydney Royal Easter Show Map below or view the online Sydney Royal Easter Show App.

Make sure you grab a map when you enter the showground or click on the map below to print one off.

Map of Sydney Royal Easter Showgrounds
Map of Sydney Royal Easter Showgrounds, courtesy RAS

Sydney Royal Easter Show tickets

Show tickets can not be purchased at Sydney transport this year

This year ShowLink tickets will not be sold from Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink stations or on Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses.

All set for the show - this years entrance
All set for the show – this years entrance

Free public transport to The Show

All pre-purchased ShowLink tickets include return public transport on the day of the Show. Click here for more details at Transport NSW.

A valid show ticket is required on your journey to and from the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Sydney Show Dates 2015 ticket costs

Single entry tickets – Showlink Ticket

ADULT $39.50
CHILD $24.00
FAMILY $114.20 (available online only)

For more ticket types and full details visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show ticket info page.

2 day entry – ShowLink 2 Day Ticket

ADULT $59.20
CHILD $36.00

2-Day tickets allows you to attend any two days of the Show with 50% off on the second day entry. Tickets are not transferable.

Online Show tickets incur a fee

All Sydney Royal Easter show tickets (called Showlink Tickets) can be purchased online here.

Ticketmaster charges a card processing and transaction fee, so the advertised rate excludes the 1.95% fee that applies to purchases by credit card, debit card or gift card and the additional $2.50 handling fee when purchasing online. So the $114.20 Family Ticket actually costs $118.86 online.

Where to buy Sydney Royal Easter Show tickets

You can save the transaction fee by pre-purchasing show tickets at any of the participating Woolworths stores.  However, Family tickets (for four people) can only be purchased online.

You can also purchase tickets on the day at the Box Office, but pre-purchasing reduces the need to queue.

For Royal Easter Show Ticketmaster online tickets click here. 

Sydney Royal Easter Show discount tickets

Check out the 20% NRMA Members offer on all full price single adult, single child and concession tickets.

Offer only until 25th March 2015 with promo code PCO120SRES20.

Just be sure to use the NRMA link so you can enter the promo code and not the link from the Sydney Royal Easter Show page which doesn’t allow for a promo code.

Some local Woolworths have Show Tickets for sale at 10% off. Check your local Woolies for the deal.

New to 2015, seniors can take advantage of a 50% discount off admission, special activities and offers on Seniors Days  – 31 March and 1 April. The discount is valid for entry on Seniors Days only and pay $14.5o at the box office or online for $17.86 including fees.

Children 3 years & under enter free of charge.

Wednesday the 8th of April 2015 is Kids Day. All kids aged 4-15 or kids with a ROA School Pupil ID Card (Form 202) or valid School Transport Pass (e.g.: State Rail School Rail Pass) only pay $12.

Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online which will incur a fee or at the Box office. Half price tickets are inclusive of public transport. These tickets are not available from Woolworths.

Discounted entry if entering after 5pm with the ShowLink After 5 ticket.

ADULT $27.60
CHILD $16.80

ShowLink After 5 Tickets can only be purchased at the Show entry gates for discount after 5pm entry.

The best things to do at The Show with kids

Buy those showbags

It’s all about the showbags and this year there are a record 349 showbags to choose from.  With 149 of these are $10 or under but of course the good ones are double that price. Check out all the showbags alphabetically or according to price at the Showbag Listing here.

Kids love showbags.
Kids love showbags.

Showbags, to buy or not to buy?

Ever thought of bucking the trend and going without a showbag? If you have, then you’ll be part of a small minority. Last year showgoers walked away with over 1.4 million showbags. The pull of showbags is strong with plenty of reasons to keep the showbag tradition going,  after all what’s a show without the goodies of a carefully chosen showbag? Then there is the added nostalgia of reliving your own favourite childhood memory.

I say No! Don’t buy them. Start a new trend and say no to cheap Made in China merchandise and lollies that will break or be devoured in a hot minute. I say this now but will probably buckle under the emotional blackmail of the kids sweet and continuous pleads and puppy dog eyes for the Repunzel bubble wand or TMNT backpack.

Here are our pick of the 10 best Sydney Royal Easter Showbags:

10 best Sydney Royal Easter Showbags 2015:

1. Disney Frozen, $30

A license to print money, they could have put any Frozen paraphernalia in a bag and it will sell. The Frozen bag costs a whopping $30 and contains a couple of value items like Elsa gloves, DIY charm bracelet and window decorating kit.  Check out full contents of Frozen showbag here

Frozen showbag $20, image supplied
$30 Frozen bag, image RAS
Expand 10 best Sydney Royal Easter Showbags 2015 list

2. Adventure Time #1, $25

The Adventure Time #1 bag looks like good value for money considering there is a backpack, hat, slinky and Dog Tag ID items to name a few. Click on image for full contents.

Adventure Time showbag $25, image supplied
$25 Adventure Time bag, image RAS

There’s also a Adventure Time Girls also for $25 which has a purple backpack, earrings, bracelets, caps, purse and cosmetic case.

Adventure Time Girls #25, image supplied
$25 Adventure Time Girls bag, image RAS

3. Peppa Pig, $25

So popular is this pig that they have Peppa Pig bags to choose from. All at $25 a pop and great value comparatively. Peppa Pig #1 highlight items include an overnight bag, umbrella, finger puppets and slippers. Click on images for full contents.

Peppa Pig #1 $25, image supplied
$25 Peppa Pig #1, image RAS

The Peppa Pig #2 is equally great with a backpack, plate and bowl set, sunnies and a garden set as key items.

Peppa Pig #2 $25, image supplied
$25 Peppa Pig #2, image RAS

The boys won’t miss out with a Peppa Pig George bag which has a wooden puzzle, explorer kit, backpack and cap to name a few.

Peppa Pig George bag $25, image supplied
$25 Peppa Pig George bag, image RAS

4. Minecraft Collectors Pack, $25

Generally the Minecraft merchandise isn’t all that exciting, however this showbag is value for money as it includes 6 trading card packs which retail for $6 each and two bag tags. A good choice for the Minecraft obsessed fanatics.

Minecraft Collectors Pack $25 image supplied
$25 Minecraft Collectors Pack, image RAS

5. My Little Pony, $26

Another bag that seems fair value for money. This bag features a plush My Little Pony toy which you can pick from the main characters including Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. It comes with a handbag, hair accessories and a hair piece extension to name a few. Click on the image for full contents of bag.

My Little Pony $26, image supplied
$26 My Little Pony bag, image RAS

6. How to train your dragon – Defenders of Berk, $26

A boy favourite, for $26 the the bag includes a a backpack, Toothless hat, torch and tattoos. Click on the image for full contents of bag.

How To Train Your Dragon - Defenders of Berk, image supplied
$26 How To Train Your Dragon – Defenders of Berk bag, image RAS

7. Hello Kitty bag, $25

Quite a cute Hello Kitty showbag with some great little goodies including a backpack, hat, puffer paint and cooler bag. Click on the image for full contents of bag.

Hello Kitty showbag $25, image supplied
Hello Kitty bag $25, image RAS

8. Octonauts, $25

Value for money here $25 will get you an Octonauts projector watch, umbrella, backpack, hat and alarm clock amongst other things.  Click on the image for full contents of bag.

$25 Octonauts bag, image supplied
$25 Octonauts bag, image RAS

9. Disney Princess, $25

For a die hard Repunzel fan my 2 year old wanted this bag as the one and only.

For $25 your little princess will receive a Cinderella or Repunzel skirt (not both) and some Disney Princess themed Repunzel or Disney themed  bubble wand, lipgloss and shimmer powder. Click on the image for full contents of bag.

$25 Disney Princess showbag, image supplied
$25 Disney Princess bag, image supplied


10. Marvel Avengers Assemble bag $25

New this year is the Avengers Assemble Bag with a t-shirt, poster, cap and keyring. I don’t see the $69 value they say it’s actually worth, but it’s a good deal for a hat and cap.

$25 Avengers bag, image supplied
$25 Avengers bag, image supplied


Other showbags considered for the 10th spot was the Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Play Doh bags.

$26 Batman bag with cape, arm guards, mask and belt
$26 Batman bag with cape, arm guards, mask and belt, image RAS
$25 TMNT Bag comes with slime, cap, infaltable mallet and watch
$25 TMNT Bag comes with slime, cap, inflatable mallet and watch, image RAS
$25 Playdoh Bag comes with fun factory, play doh, tumbler and drinkbottle
$25 Playdoh Bag comes with fun factory, play doh, tumbler and drink bottle, image RAS

Showbag Tips

  • To avoid queues and having to carry showbags around all day head to the showbag pavilion early and grab a locker for hire. Lockers can be hired for $2 per use or $8 a day unlimited use ($2 refundable key deposit).For locker locations see the Sydney Royal Easter Show map.
  • Skip the queues if you know which bag you want, check the showbag stands outside the showbag halls as they sell the more popular showbags without having to manage the crowds. Although the main pavilion has more variety.
  • Cash and eftpos are readily available for showbags.
  • Blinky Bill bag is still $1 and the Bertie Beetle bag is still $2 at The Show.
Showbag stands outside of the Showbag Hall is a good choice for the popular showbags.
Showbag stands outside of the Showbag Hall is a good choice to buy the more popular showbags to avoid the crowds.

Catch the Farmyard Nursery cuteness

Fawn over the ducklings sliding down tiny water slides, there’s cuteness overload at the Farmyard nursery. Kids get to feed baby farmyard animals including: baby lambs, llama’s, goats, ducks, chicks, puppies, bunnies and even deer.

A firm show favourite, beat the crowds by getting to the Farmyard Nursery right at the start of the day to avoid the long queues. At peak times over 3000 eager little kids pass through the nursery gates.

Entry to the Farmyard Nursery is via the Food Farm. The nearest entry is the Plaza Entry on Olympic Boulevard.

Hand feed the baby farm animals, feed can be purchased for $1 a cup.

Enjoy a scone with jam

The ladies of the Country Women’s Association will sell over 40,000 of their famous freshly baked scones with jam and cream. Don’t miss this show tradition with the kids and head to the CWA Tea Room in the Home, Garden & Lifestyle Pavilion.’

Two scones with jam and a pot of tea costs $8.

CWA Scone with Jam at The Show, image RAS
CWA Scone with Jam at The Show, image RAS

Go on an Animal Walk

There are 14,000 animals at the Royal Easter Show. An Animal Walk has been created to take visitors through each of the animal attractions. Take the circuit around the showgrounds by following the purple paw prints past all the very best in breed alpacas, sheep, poultry, pigeon, pigs, goats, cattle, horses, domestic Animals, horses, dogs and even bees.

Head to the start of the Animal Walk (marked on the map) and grab a Junior Farm hands passport so kids can collect stamps as they follow the Animal Walk. An interactive learning experience to help kids learn about agriculture and where fresh food comes from.

The Dog Show is the biggest and the best in Australia.
The Dog Show is the biggest and the best in Australia, image RAS

Unmissable animal experiences along the walk:

Pat a Pig

One of the biggest attractions at The Show, kids get to enter the pig pen and pat cute little piglets.

Pat a pig at the Royal Easter Show, image RAS
Pat a pig at the Royal Easter Show, image RAS

Located in the Pig and Goat Pavilion. Quietest times would be the first and last sessions of the day. There are six Pat a Pig sessions daily at 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm

Watch working yard dogs

A must see at the Sydney Royal Easter Show are the Bonnie Yard Dog demonstrations, so highly skilled, obedient, intelligent and adorable are these Aussie kelpies and collies that you want to take one home. See these yard dogs herd a tight pack of sheep through a gate in record time or watch them run through obstacles and drills all whilst their laid back trainer narrate the goings on.

Hardworking, diligent and cute are th Bonnie Yard Working Dogs
See the hardworking, diligent and adorable Bonnie Yard Working Dogs, image RAS

Bonnie Yard Dogs have demonstrations at the Davidson Plaza Daily at 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm.

Wash a chook

Resembling a chicken day spa, watch chickens and other fine looking poultry being preened and pampered to compete in the best in show.

Also in the pavilion are chicken hatchlings, where 200 incredibly cute ducklings are hatched daily.

Pat a baby chick
Pat a baby chick, image RAS

Daily Chook Washing demonstration in the Steggles Poultry Pavilion at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

Pat a Chook 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm.

Milk a cow

The dairy cows at this years Easter Show
The dairy cows at this years Easter Show

The Dairy Farmers Milking Barn where the cattle are is a fun place for city kids to get up close and personal to cows. Kids can learn about the cattle industry and the products that come from cows.

Kids get a chance to hand-milk some of the cows with the farmers.

Meet a cow at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS
Meet a cow at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS

Demonstrations at The Barn daily at: 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4pm

Next door to The Barn is The Show’s Working Dairy with fully operational machinery where cows are milked daily on the hour.

Shear a sheep

Learn why sheep need a haircut and the best way it’s done at the Sheep Pavilion with daily sheep shearing demonstrations. A few lucky kids may get a chance to help shear a sheep on stage.

Sheep shearing demonstration daily in the Sheep and Wool Pavilion Sheep at 10.30am, 12.00pm, 1.30pm, 3.00pm and 4.30pm

Royal Easter Show by Nathan Lane, on Flickr CC
Royal Easter Show by Nathan Lane, on Flickr CC

*The Pavilion will be closed for cleaning and changeovers on:

Saturday 28 March 2015 at 3.00pm
Sunday 29 March 2015 until 10.30am
Wednesday 1 April 2015 at 3.00pm
Thursday 2 April 2015 until 12.30pm

Admire the handsome horses

Admire the handsome horses being showcased in world class competitions including: Best in Breed, Showjumping, Polo, Rodeo, Tentpegging and Vaulting to name a few.

Take a walk along the North Eastern section near Schmidt arena and you will find a number of stables housing the 6,000 entries to the Sydney Royal Horse Show.

Spectacular horses at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS
Spectacular horses at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS

As well as the official competitions scheduled throughout the show, the Horse Experience is something not to miss. Sessions range from whip making, harnessing and mounted police displays. Held daily in the Horse Pavilion at: 10am, 11am, midday, 1pm.

The highlight is the demonstration of talented horses used in film, TV and live performances by Dark Horse Productions. These showbiz horses will be appearing daily at 2pm and 3pm in the Horse Pavilion.

Take a ride at the Kids Carnival (young kids)

Rides, rides and more rides will keep those kiddos satisfied. Sydney’s Royal Easter Show carnival attractions are split into two sections. On the western side by Olympic Boulevard is the Kids Carnival best suited for the younger kids aged 0 – 12 yrs.

Kids Carnival rides are suitable for the toddlers.
Kids Carnival rides are suitable for toddlers, image RAS

Transformers Meet and Greet

New this year Bumblebee and Optimus Prime will be around from 10am-6pm to meet and greet the kids at the Kids Carnival area and have their photo taken with them.

Another character making it’s debut is Oh from the new Dreamworks new release Home around the Kids World section in the Kids Carnival area daily at  11.00am-11.20pm, 12.00pm-12.20pm, 1.00pm-1.20pm and 2.00pm-2.20pm

The best rides at the Kids Carnival

  1. Super Slide

    With a quarter of million people sliding down the 8 lane Super Slide last year. A firm family favourite and one that has a moving walkway that takes your to the top of the slide. It’s also one of the cheapest at 3 tickets (one single entry ticket is $1.10).

Super Slide by Vincent Wang on Flickr CC
Super Slide by Vincent Wang on Flickr CC
  1. I first saw double decker carousels in America, but Aussies need not miss out as they have flown one over from the USA for The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Choose to ride upper or lower deck on this whimsical merry go round for 5 tickets.

This years Double Decker Carousel
Double the fun on the Double Decker Carousel, flown in from the USA
  1. Wave Swinger

    This takes me back to my Royal Easter Show days, the Wave Swinger soars your chair 15 meters above the ground in a oscillating wave-like motion for 6 tickets. For the very small that are not’ permitted on this ride, there is the Mini Swing that is the gentler and smaller cousin to the Wave Swinger.

  2. Elephant Jet

    You can take 4 friends on each elephant as it gently flies around. This is a good little ride suitable for the very small kids aged 18 months to 10 years of age at a cost of 5 tickets.

    Some plane enthusiasts may prefer the Red Baron instead. Suitable for all ages and takes 2 per ride.

    Toddler friendly Red Baron ride
    Toddler friendly Red Baron ride
  3. Wacky Worm Family Coaster

    A small roller coaster that is designed for the little kids in mind where it features a gentle 5 meter drop and a ride through an apple tunnel. Costs 6 tickets.

For a full list of rides check out the Royal Easter Show’s Kids Carnival section

Thrill seek at the Coca Cola Carnival (older kids)

Ideal for kids 12 years and older  is the Coca Cola Carnival located on the Eastern side of the showgrounds. However younger kids aged 8 and 130cm can go on accompanied rides such as Pirates Revenge.

Thrill seekers will have a ball in the Coca Cola Carnival and there’s even better news, when all the exhibits have shut, the fireworks and been set off and the animals are off to bed, the one attraction that stays open to “late” is the Coca Cola Carnival.

The best rides at the Coca Cola Carnival

  1. Star of the Show

    The Star of the Show it's rotating gondolas
    The Star of the Show it’s rotating gondolas

    This is the first time The Star of the Show makes it appearance a 32 meter high ferris wheel with rotating gondolas. It will dazzle at night with LED lights and 35 different colour variations. The younger kids will enjoy this ride as well. Cost 7 tickets.

  1. Sky Flyer

    A much bigger version of the Wave Swinger, it soars 35 meters high above the showgrounds. Costs 7 tickets.

The Sky Flyer at the Royal Easter Show, image RAS
The Sky Flyer at the Royal Easter Show, image RAS
  1. Taipan

    The only roller coaster at the Coca Cola Carnival, the Taipan features two speed spirals and two giant drop which cost 7 tickets.

  2. Megadrop

    A 45 meter drop in 1.8 seconds, this mega drop is for the adrenalin junky that wants to experience 5.5G’s of force and hand over 7 ride tickets.

  3. Slingshot

    This ride costs $30 and only for the the serious thrill seekers that are over 110cm tall. This sling shot does just that, sling shots the rider 7o meters in one second into the sky. You can video the ride for an additional fee.

For a full list of rides check out the Royal Easter Show’s Kids Carnival section

Check out the woodchoppers

See which burly man (chopper) is the quickest to bring down the log at a top of the tree. A traditional and historic event, woodchopping is quite exciting to watch. You can take in a few speedy rounds before the kids want to move on.

Try to get to the event early to secure a seat as the tree climb events draw large crowds.

Woodchopping competition at the Royal Easter Show.
Woodchopping competition at the Royal Easter Show, image RAS

Various competition sessions held daily at the Channel 9 Woodchop stadium starting at 9:00am – 6:30pm. Or check out the night time relay competitions before the fireworks at the Spotless Stadium daily from 7:30pm – 7:40pm.

Watch a Grand Parade

The heart and soul of the Sydney Royal Easter show will always be the competitions drawing the rural and city community together. Where urban dwelling kiddos get to celebrate with the producers and the best in show animals as they proudly walk in the Grand Parade at the Spotless Stadium.

Grand Parade at the Spotless Stadium, image RAS
Grand Parade at the Spotless Stadium, image RAS

The Grand Parade will be held: Saturday, 28 March at 5:25pm, Tuesday, 31 March at 5:00pm, Friday, 3 April at 4:15pm.

Get cooking for kids ages 6+

The Food Farm next door to the iconic inflatable dairy cow
The Food Farm next door to the iconic inflatable dairy cow

Nestle will be heading up free cooking lessons at the Food Farm where kids ages 6+ to participate in daily cooking classes, which they prepare cook and get to eat.

There are also ‘paddock-to plate’ interactive displays and activities at the Food Farm area. Nestle Healthy Active Kids Get Cooking at The Food Farm at 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm.

Go for a pony ride

Pony rides are located in between the Spotless Stadium and the Schmidt Arena in a great sheltered track.

Theses sweet and patient kid sized ponies are suitable for kids aged 3 and up. The smaller kids younger than 3 can still enjoy a ride around the track but accompanied by an adult. Cost was $5 last year. Cameras and loose items such as food and bags are not permitted on the horse track. There is plenty of space around the outside of the circuit for photo opportunities.

Available daily Map Ref: Map Ref: P18.

Record your own Seven News and Weather Update

At the Channel Seven Live Village in Davidson Plaza kids get to read their very own Seven news and weather update.

Watch my neice and nephew in action here:

The very adorable recordings complete with polished graphics and a cross from 7 News Anchor Chris Bath can be sent straight to email for a keepsake.  You can also record your own weather report on Sunrise set or take a snap on the House Rules set.

Daily from 10am-5pm.

My niece and nephew on the set of House Rules 7
My niece and nephew on the set of House Rules

Catch a free show under the Big Top

New Feathered friends free-flight bird show

I love a bird show, how trainers don’t watch the birds fly away is a talent in itself. See this educational free-flight bird show at the Big Top Amphitheatre. Learn about the variety of exotic birds on show and watch as birds of prey such as a wedge-tailed easter soar about your heads.

The Bird Show is on daily at 1:30pm – 2:20pm (except 26 and 29 March) at the Big Top Amphitheatre.

Hoot & Hootabelle Show

Hoot and Hootabelle will be at The Show for the first time bringing their favourite songs and dances from the hugely popular ABC TV show.

10:30am at the Big Top Amphitheatre from Friday 27th March to Wednesday April 8th.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live on Stage

See the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live on Stage as Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael demonstrate their signature moves, with help from the audience! Kids will also be able to meet their favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters after the performance.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live on stage
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live on stage

Daily at 11am-11.25am except Thursday 26 March, at the Big Top Amphitheatre.

Where: Big Top Amphitheatre

My Little Pony Live on Stage

My Little Pony favourites, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash will be singing and dancing to their favourite numbers in a live concert.

Daily at 10am except Thursday 26 March, at the Big Top Amphitheatre.

Zimboyz Acrobatics

Zimboyz returns with a African acrobatic show, demonstrating their agility with acts like chair balancing, human pyramids, fire hoops and Chinese Pole.  On daily at 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm at the Big Top Amphitheatre. Ref: Map J15.

Play with Ice Age Dino’s

A interactive walk-through exhibition of animated moving Ice Age dinosaurs where kids step through snow trees, ice rocks and even falling snow to discover life-size dinosaurs like the Woolly Mammoth.  Put this as a must see on you Show Day as there is a competition to win a family trip to experience a Night at the Museum in London.

The Dinosaur Ice Age exhibit is on daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Right by Spotless Stadium, around the corner from the Big Top Amphitheatre and next to the Bonnie Yard Dogs. Map Ref: K18.

Eat tasty Show treats

All the major food groups... by Ian Sanderson, on Flickr CC
All the major food groups… by Ian Sanderson, on Flickr CC

Try a waffle dog

The Waffle Dogs are unique to Sydney Royal Easter Show. A hotdog on a stick wrapped in pancake mixture complete with a little happy face. The kids will love them, adults it appears not so much. The Waffle Dog costs $5 and is located at the Presidential Plaza (Grand Parade + Orana Parade) by the Carousel and Star of the Show ferris wheel.

Waffle Dog courtesy of RAS facebook
Waffle Dog courtesy of RAS facebook

If a Waffle Dog does not tickle your fancy, you can’t go wrong the traditional Dagwood Dog for $5.

Grab a cheese toastie at Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

The cheese toastie is a show favourite, cheap, quick and affordable at $2. Available in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome amongst other great food options. Map ref: N6.

Woolworths Fresh Food Dome
Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

After a tasty cheese toastie, bag some grown up showbags, sample fresh produce and watch food and cooking demonstrations.

Look around at the District Exhibits

Whilst you sample a fresh cheese toastie be sure to look up and see the Districts Exhibits adorning the pavilion walls. This year the displays commemorate 100 year Anniversary of Gallipoli.

The Show's District Exhibits beautifully commemorate the ANZACs this year.
The Show’s District Exhibits beautifully commemorate the ANZACs this year (sneak preview, work in progress)

Each display takes up to 10 days from volunteers to assemble each tapestry of over 10,000 fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses and produce in a creative show piece. The food does not go to waste either, at the end of each day food is sold at cost to patrons. At the end of the day you can grab a bargain as they sell off some of the fresh produce. On the last day of the show at around 3pm, all exhibit tapestry goes for sale to show-goers at a bargain price.

Nibble the new Cake on a stick

Food on sticks are the hot snack items at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. One of the newest additions is the Cake on a Stick. A long donut with fluffy funnel cake batter. They are available for $5 at the Carousel Cafe on Presidents Plaza

Dig into a Cheese on a Stick

The Sydney Royal Easter Show’s quintessential food on a stick is the Fried cheese on a stick. Resembling a Dagwood dog shape, a block of cheese is deep friend so that it becomes warm, gooey and runny and is held together by a chewy crunchy batter. Wash it down with some American style lemonade.

Other show favourites

Other show treats for little tastebuds include Corn on a Cob, Chip on a Stick, snow cones, fairy floss and hotdogs.

Catch the nightly extreme entertainment

If the kids haven’t had a full meltdown by 5pm, check out the Sydney Royal Easter show night time line up of free entertainment at the Spotless Stadium. There will be a showcase of Australian Wool Industry with real-life farming and stockman skills, merino sheep, stock handers, shearers, horses and working sheep dogs. For the dare-devil kids the Xtreme Korruption session will feature MotoX bike stunts, Team DMax Precision Driving Team and a Human Cannonball Lady.

Xtreme Korruption night time entertainment
Xtreme Korruption night time entertainment, image RAS

Typical nightly line-up at the Royal Easter Show (for Saturday 28th March 2015)

A note on the 5pm start, this is probably when people start filling up the arena, with little kids it maybe a long stretch to last the entire program until the fireworks. Below is a typical nightly program so you can decide whether to get in their early and reserve a good seat. Or take your chances, perhaps hover around the outskirts a little later on in the program say 6:30pm.

  • 5:20pm: Official Opening of the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show
  • 5:25 – 6:20pm: Grand Parade Spotless Stadium
  • 6:35pm – 7:30pm: Sydney Royal Rodeo Series Aus Vs NZ
  • 7:30pm – 7:40pm: Woodchopping & Chainsaw Relay Showcase
  • 7:40pm – 7:55pm: Australian Wool Industry Showcase
  • 8:05pm – 8:45pm: Xtreme Korruption: Cannonball Lady, Mr Boom, Showtime FMX, Team DMAX Precision Driving Team & Flair Riders
  • 8:45pm – 9:00pm: Fireworks Finale
Nighttime fireworks finale
Fireworks finale, image RAS

Whilst the program is similar each day, the times vary slightly depending on the day. Plan your day here at the Show Planner.

The main program starts at 8:00pm depending on what you want to see. Head to the arena early to secure seats earlier in the arena as seats fill up fast. Alternatively you can reserve your Spotless Stadium seats for the entire day for $10 per person. Click here for Reserve Seating.

Stay for the fireworks

If your little family can survive until the very late time of 8:45pm. The Sydney Royal Easter Show ignites the night sky with a show of fireworks capping off each day before closing the showgrounds at 9:30pm.

Understandably, with smaller children fireworks sounds better in theory,  the kids have probably just gotten over their sugar high and melting down after a long yet fun Show day.

Stay for the fireworks finale, image RAS
Stay for the fireworks finale, image RAS

TIPs for the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Buy your showbags & hire a locker straight away

To avoid the painful queues towards the end of the day, go early (at 9am on opening) and buy your showbags. This does mean you will be lugging around showbags all day.

There are however lockers just outside the showbag pavilion at a bargain cost of $2 per use or $8 per day unlimited user with a $2 refundable hire key.

Manageable crowds at the Showbag Hall early in the day.
Manageable crowds at the Showbag Hall early in the day.

Hire a locker straight away

Hire lockers straight away on any given day, as they fill up quickly. You can pay $2 per use or $8 per day with a refundable $2 key deposit. An attendant is available to hire lockers.

Lockers are available at the following locations:

  1. Map Ref: K10 – Right next to Information booth on Channel 9 Grand Parade are a bank of lockers that is the most central in the showgrounds. I suggest these as the locker location of choice.
  2. Map Ref S8 – Right in front of the Purina Pro Plan Dog Pavilion, opposite the Showbag Hall toilets are a bank of lockers easily accessible to the Coca Cola Carnival. So you can quickly pop a stuffed animal collected from a Sideshow Alley win.
  3. Map Ref K5: At the Woolworth Fresh Food Dome entrance by the ATM and baby change area are a bank of lockers for hire.
Lockers for hire per use or per day.
Lockers for hire per use or per day.

Driving to the Royal Easter Show? Prebook your parking spot

Don’t miss out on a parking spot at Sydney Olympic Park during the Sydney Royal Easter Show especially at peak times during week-ends and public holidays. Guarantee a space by pre-booking your parking ticket.

Visit to book online (please note that pre-book parking is available until 23:59 the night before your visit.)

The cost of single entry parking during the Show is a daily flat rate of $25, regardless of the length of your stay.

Ask for tips from the staff at the Information Booth

Head to the Information Booth (Map ref: J10)  and ask for tips and info, the staff are extremely knowledgable and there to help. They might know where there is a locker if the ones you want have filled up.  This is also a good meeting point if members of the family gets lost.

Information Booth the Royal Easter Show offers insider tips and tricks.
Information Booth at the Sydney Royal Easter Show help, information and tips.

Plan your day

Whilst casually strolling through The Sydney Royal Easter Show and seeing what happens randomly maybe good for some, for families you need to be methodical to avoid crowds, catch all the things you want to see and so not to miss out due to time. Here are some things to help you plan your day:

Royal Easter Show Map to see the lay of the land.

Royal Easter Show App an online map in the palm of your hand as well as information on event times and showbag details.

Avoid peak times in main pavilions

Avoid the peak times and you should be able to find a space for a small reprieve. Most exhibits, stalls and attractions are ready and prepared for the over 900,000 visitors to roll through the showgrounds. Queues are therefore orderly and move quickly.

To maximise your personal space and be served faster head to the Woolies Food Pavilion early (10.30/11am) to get ahead of the lunch time rush which starts just before noon. This is the same with the nursery section of Animal Boulevard. It gets super busy by midday.

Bring a stroller

It’s a long day and there is plenty of ground to cover. Bring your stroller to navigate between pavilions and keep the kids from making a break in a busy crowd. There are large crowds so manoeuvring quickly can be an issue, though it beats ultimately carrying your child around when they tire.


Strollers and ice-cream is a good ideas at The Show
Strollers and ice-cream are a good idea at The Show

Alternatively you can hire strollers and wheelchairs in the showgrounds, located by the Main Entry (map ref: G3). Click here for hire rates and information.

Toilet before Kids Carnival

There are no toilets in the Kids Carnival area, the nearest toilets are by the Food Farm Map Ref: D19 or the Telegraph Park Map Ref: E10. Save time back-stepping by going before you ride.

Come back later, Pass-Outs

Want to go home and return later for the fireworks? You can obtain a pass-out stamp to be used on the same day from the gate staff when exiting.

$3 and under snacks at the Snack Shack

This year, the show brings you the Snack Shack where snacks such as pies and chicken tenders are $3 and under. Affordable treat perfectly sized for kids on the go.

Available at the Spotless Stadium from 9am to 9pm.

Things to pack for the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Plenty of space to sit and relax at the Sydney Telegraph Park
Plenty of space to sit and relax at the Sydney Telegraph Park
  1. Spare plastic bags. You never know when you need to store extra goodies you receive at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
  2. Hand Sanitiser. With lots of people comes lots of germs, keep washing and sanitising those hands.
  3. Spare change of clothes. You don’t want to go home due to a snow cone mishap.
  4. Picnic and snacks. It’s a long day with lots of sugary temptations. Save on cost and bring your own healthy picnic lunch or snacks.
  5. Water bottles keep hydrated by bringing your own water bottles and save on costs for drinks.
  6. Picnic rug. Seating is limited, so bring a picnic rug if you have the space. Stow these away in the locker so you can roll it out at lunch in the Sunday Telegraph Park area. Map ref: K10 lockers is a quick walk to the park to grab the rug and supplies.
  7. Sunscreen and hats. 
  8. Extra layers. Layer up especially as the Autumn nights gets quite chilly.
  9. Raincoats / Ponchos. Lighter and can stow under a pram or in a locker easily in case the day calls for rain.
  10. Nanna trolleys or a Stroller. Kids too old for a stroller but still want to lug all the showbags and freebies you acquire at The Show? Bring a nanna trolley to store all your stuff and save your back. You can even buy some for $15-20 at The Show.

Lost persons and managing crowds at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

You don’t want it to come down to this, but if you have lost your child at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, there is a Lost Persons Centre (LPC) on Map ref: M10, near the information booth, baby change area and ATM on Channel 9 Grand Parade opposite the Spotless Stadium.

The crowds at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS
The crowds at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, image RAS

The LPC operates from 9:30am to 9:30pm with a direct line on 02 9704 1236.

Here are some methods to managing your kids at the Sydney Royal Easter Show:

Free wristbands to safeguard your kids at the show.
Marquee before The Show entrance. Free wristbands to safeguard your kids.
  • Wristbands / brand them with emergency contact – make sure your kids have on them an emergency mobile contact number. You can mark your kids with a pen or just before the entrance there are free wristbands to record important details of your child in case they get lost. Do not write their name on for security reasons, predators are usually men and a child might trust them if they use their first name.
  • Step through the rules – remind them to stay close, hold mum or dads hand or the stroller and don’t run away. Keep these simple and reiterate them the day before and on the day.
  • Discuss what to do in the event your child gets lost – remind them to stay still, that the adults will find them and to call out for mum, dad or the guardian. Ask them to look out for safe strangers such as policeman, other mums with kids or store owners.
  • Take a photo of your kids on the day – have an up to date photo of your child on your phone to make it easier for people to look for them and know exactly what they look like and what they are wearing.
  • Make sure your mobile is fully charged – that way police or staff can contact you in the event they find your lost child.
  • Wear bright clothes – a good tip is to dress your kids in matching bright clothes to spot them easier in crowds. Or alternatively dress yourself in bright clothes so they can find you easy in a crowd.
  • Assign a child to an adult – have clear responsibilities by dividing the kids up with each parent or adult. They are primarily responsible for them on the day, this avoids any assumptions of “I thought you were looking after him!?” If you swap for instance to take someone to the toilet, voice it out. Eg  you can say “I got him, you take her, OK?” wait for the acknowledgement to avoid any confusion.

Have you been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show? Is there anything that didn’t make the cut that should have? Have you got any handy tips for The Show? Please leave a reply below:

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