Waterbom Bali review of Bali’s best water park

Fab slides at Waterbom Bali
Fab slides at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali claims to be the third best water park in the world and number one in Asia. Usually such grand statements have guests entering with high expectations and leaving disappointed. Bali’s best water park is worthy of a day out with the family, it has the rides, slides, facilities combined with welcoming Balinese hospitality to back it’s own claims. It’s clear why this is the hottest family attraction in Bali and kids can’t get enough.

Look up at Waterbom Bali
Sky high slides amongst the trees. That’s the Pipeline on the left and the Climax with trap door on the right.

Located in the heart of Kuta, Waterbom Bali caters to all age groups. Thrill seekers will love the sheer number of plunging, spinning and twisting slides, whilst the splash playground and an extensive jungle themed Lazy River suits younger and more reserved guests. Parents will appreciate the affordable spa which offers Javanese massages and fish foot therapy. A decent meal can also be had without venturing outside the park.

Pros and Cons of Waterbom Bali

  • Large water park with loads of rides that suits kids of ages from infants to teens.
  • In the heart of Kuta and easy to get to.
  • Particularly great for older kids that could not care less about another temple.
  • Kids love it and when the kids are happy, everyone is happy!
  • Lifeguards are plentiful throughout the park, manning each ride and attraction.
  • Well maintained and clean.
  • EarthCheck Silver Certified 2015 – this is a green certification not a safety certification. (See Safety section below)
  • Pricier than the average outing in Bali (but it’s not that bad compared to home).
  • For a big water park there’s not many toilets with four in total, three of which have showers (best to go if you see one).
  • Possible high bogan factor here, they’re harmless, the only bad incident I could find was a YouTube video of someone drinking and taking a sli part and parcel with Kuta and Bali.
  • It’s a theme park and has nothing to do with Balinese culture, yet this strangely manufactured watery haven and mega tourist attraction is also what Bali is about. Good clean holiday fun!

Worth spending a day zipping down awesome slides and splashing with the little ones. If you have young thrill seekers this is a must. Don’t forget to stop and admire the views for the slide towers – Bali perfection.

The best things to do at Waterbom Bali

Check out Waterbom Bali’s best rides and attractions, here are our highlights:

Slides for the younger kids at Waterbom Bali
Slides for the younger kids at Waterbom Bali

Mellow Slides

Great for infants and toddlers or big kids wanting to chill out before the next death defying plunge.

Little kids can splash at the Waterpark playground
Little kids can splash at the Funtastic water park playground

Funtastic for kids

Funtastic is a large wet playground most suited for small kids 6 and under, where water only ever reaches their knees.

There are four tube slides, two short open slides, a climbing net, water jets, canons and a giant tipping water bucket offering hours of fun.

Centrally positioned lockers, kiosks for drinks and snacks, towel rental, a restaurant, a toilet, and guest services counter make this a convenient spot for parents, especially those with little kids.

Slides for young kids and shade sail
Slides for young kids and shade sail at Funtastic

Lazy River

The most popular attraction for kids is floating along the Lazy River in a rubber tube. The impressive ride is surrounded by dense green foliage where other park attractions are out of sight, creating a feeling that you’re drifting through an Asian jungle.

Adding to the tranquility are a series of waterfalls and fountains. The Lazy River takes 15 minutes to circumnavigate. Single and double tubes are available.

Lazy River at Waterbom Bali
Lazy River at Waterbom Bali

Moderate Slides

Primary school aged kids not big enough for the big rides will find plenty of fun here:

Slides fun for little ones
Slides fun for little ones


The longest waterslide in the world, the Constrictor extends 250 metres in length. The minimum height is 100cm or taller (minimum age of 4-5), kids can zip down a moderately paced open slide on a rubber tube.

The line for this one was quite short in comparison and a quick win whilst waiting for other queues to dissipate. Single and double tubes are available.

Waterbom Bali end of Constrictor
Waterbom Bali end of Constrictor


The Python is the biggest waterslide in the industry. It’s a closed in tunnel slide where part of the ride is in complete darkness, which is great for unexpected twists and turns and perhaps more ideal for braver kids.

Exit to the Python
Exit to the Python

Although minimum height is 100cm, note that the slide does go fast in some places and can be dark and scary in spots.

Made for a three-person circular tube for family or friends to ride together.


Different from traditional water slides, the slide spins the tube around a big bowl before flushing you out into the pool below. It’s quite gentle and parents can rid tandem with kids that are 122cm or taller.

Waterbom Bali - Superbowl and Boomerang
Waterbom Bali – Superbowl and Boomerang

Extreme Slides

This is why Waterbom Bali is such a hit, with insane, stupid, “why would you put yourself through that!” slides for brave (or crazy) kids keen to take the plunge. Here are the best including some milder adult rides:

Flow riders and thriller slides at Waterbom Bali
Flow riders and thriller slides at Waterbom Bali

Twin Racers (NEW)

Lying face forward, race your friends down the slide. It features a short, enclosed tunnel before gathering momentum for a sudden drop.

This new slide is exhilarating, although it can be scary if you don’t like unexpected drops.

The wait was short, and it was great for brave kids 110cm or taller.

Waterbom Bali Twin Racers
Waterbom Bali Twin Racers

Fast N Fierce (NEW)

Another side by side slide where you plummet toes first down a giant open tube.

The Fast N Fierce goes very fast and is suitable for kids looking for a rush. Thrill seeking kids will love that it’s not too frightening, super fun, and that they can race their friends down. It’s one of the best Extreme slides for younger kids in the park. Suitable for kids 120cm and taller.

Fast N Furious Waterbom Bali
Fast N Furious Waterbom Bali

Double Twist: (NEW)

A terrifying yet exciting double-loop enclosed slide that twists and turns at high speeds. It is well done and innovative in design. The green semi-transparent slide drops then twists you around, slowing down so you can catch your breath.

Although there weren’t many kids in line, the braver ones would want to try it. Kids need to be 120cm or taller. Wait times were short.

Waterbom Bali thriller slides
Waterbom Bali thriller slides. Smashdown and Double Twist

Green Viper

These are two fiberglass slides with their starting points next to each other. One is open and the other a closed tube.

The open side is calm with a mid-range speed, while the other is much faster. Both are great slides and neither is too intense, so they are great for kids with a minimum height of 100cm.

Waterbom Bali Twin races and Pipeline
Waterbom Bali Twin racers, Green Viper, Smashdown 2.0 and Double Twist



Whisking riders along a twisty tube, the Pipeline gets your heart racing. It takes only 10-13 seconds to slide through the 150m tube at 3.5Gs. Looks can be deceiving with this one, as it resembles any other slide but the speeds are extreme!


Bali Waterbom Pipeline
Bali Waterbom Pipeline

The Pipeline starts from 20 meters up, with a superb vantage point over the water park from the tower. So high up, they have even put up signs telling you how many calories you burned walking up the stairs.

Though kids from 100cm and taller can ride, make sure they like speed!


The most exhilarating ride in the park! You start in a small chamber. After waiting a few seconds, a trap door opens right below you to drop you 16m at 2.5Gs.

This is an extremely intense ride, although kids 100cm and taller can go, it’s only suitable for the bravest adults and kids alike. Many young male teens were giving it a go.

At the bottom (where you’ll find me) are benches where friends and family can watch you take the plunge.

WaterbomBali Climax!
WaterbomBali Climax!


Flow Rider

The most popular attraction at the park, Flow Rider lets you experience surfing or body boarding as if you were in the ocean. For this attraction, you are required to book ahead of time where they allocate a time of either 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Flow rider takes quite some time to participate in, so it’s best to plan ahead.

The ride comes at an extra cost and is only open 10am – 5pm each day, which is different from the regular park hours.

Waterbom Bali Flow Rider - at a extra fee
Waterbom Bali Flow Rider – at a extra fee


Waterbom Flow Rider prices

IDR 125.000 ($13 AUD)/30 min/session/person

IDR 200.000 ($21 AUD)/1 hour/session/person

Waterbom Bali park – tickets, entry and security

Arriving at the park, a Splash Band is issued after purchasing tickets. This is the cashless payment system, which allows you to pay for everything within the water park.

Ticket counters with minimum queues early in the morning. Waterbom Bali
Ticket counters with minimum queues early in the morning

As with most public spaces, a mandatory bag inspection is required by security prior to entering Waterbom Bali. It offers families peace of mind that staff are on alert for terrorism. More practically, it’s where staff confiscate outside food and drinks. Though water bottles are permitted.

Waterbom Bali security check
Waterbom Bali security check

Waterbom Bali address and open hours

Waterbom Bali is open 9am-6pm Monday-Sunday.

Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055 Tuban, Kuta – Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 755 676, E-mail: [email protected]

Click here for Google Map Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali lagoon
Waterbom Bali lagoon at the start of the day

Waterbom Bali ticket price

It’s quite an expensive day out in comparison to Indonesian standards, for a family of four entry totals AUD $168. Add on food, towel rentals, and other extras, and you’re looking at well over AUD $200 for the day.

Waterbom Bali Splash Band
Waterbom Bali Splash Band

Waterbom Bali kids age of entry

Kids under 2 are free to enter.

Child prices apply for ages 2-11 years of age.

An adult ticket is for ages 12+. Tickets can be purchased at the door, or in advance online.

Waterbom Bali fun for all ages
Waterbom Bali fun for all ages

Waterbom Bali Single-Day ticket

A single day ticket is valid from opening until closing on the day of purchase. This ticket will cost IDR 490.000 ($50 AUD) for an adult, IDR 325.000 ($34 AUD) for a child.

Same day re-entry is allowed. Food, beverages, attractions, towels, and lockers are additional. Any funds you expect to pay for these extras can be deposited on your Splash Band or linked to a credit card.

Plenty of sun lounges free to use with entry. Waterbom Bali
Plenty of sun lounges free to use with entry

Waterbom Bali Single-Day Ticket inclusions

  • Same-day re-entry
  • Use of all slides
  • Use of all mats and tubes
Plenty of mats, tubes, floats, lifejackets to use with entry
Plenty of mats, tubes, floats, lifejackets to use with entry

Waterbom Bali Two-Day Ticket

Another option is to get a 2-day ticket, to enjoy the park over more than one day. An adult ticket will cost IDR 825.000 ($84 AUD) and a child ticket is IDR 550.000 ($57 AUD). Food, beverages, attractions, towels, and lockers are additional. Any funds you expect to pay for these extras can be deposited on your Splash Band.

Spend two days at Waterbom Bali
Spend two days at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali Tw0-Day Ticket inclusions

  • Same-day re-entry for two days within a 7 day period
  • Use of all slides
  • Use of all mats and tubes
Double tubes to use as part of entry
Double tubes to use as part of entry

Waterbom Bali – VIP Package

Adult: IDR 950.000 ($99 AUD)

Child: IDR 800.000 ($83 AUD)

Waterbom Bali – VIP Package inclusions

  • Admission
  • Lunch
  • Activity
  • Gazebo
  • Towel
  • Express Counter
Eurobungy at a additional fee
Eurobungy at a additional fee. Included with VIP package.

Waterbom Bali additional cost for rides

Flow Rider: IDR 125.000 ($13 AUD) for 30 minutes or IDR 200.000 ($21 AUD) for 1 hour. It’s recommended that you book this in advance to avoid disappointment.

Euro Bungy: Adult: IDR 65.000 ($7 AUD) Child: IDR 55.000 ($6 AUD)

Water Blaster: IDR 30.000 ($3 AUD) for 12 balloons

Water Blaster at a additional charge
Water Blaster at a additional charge

Waterbom Bali discount tickets

There are a few ways to get a small discount off your Waterbom Bali ticket admission. The following websites offers a discount, though we have no experience getting a discount as we purchased at the gate:

  • The website GoVoyagin offers 20% off.  Note: this is a affiliate link, where a small commission is paid if you book through it at no cost to you, but there’s no pressure to do so. 
  • Present your ANZ credit card for 15% off.
  • Present you Le Club Accord Vacation card for 15% off (not Accor member card or hotel key).
  • Present your Garuda Indonesia boarding pass for 15% off
  • Street vendors around Kuta sell discounted tickets. Make sure you know what the converted AUD price is, as they may charge in IDR at an inflated rate. Beware of scams.
  • If you have local friends or a nanny, ask for cheeky Bali prices!
  • Some hotels and resorts have discount Waterbom Bali tickets or packages with your room.
Look out for discounts and present to ticket booth. Waterbom Bali
Look out for discounts and present to ticket booth

Splash Band – cashless payment system

Bali Waterbom uses Splash Band, which allows you to pay for everything you need within the park. Money will not become soggy, easily lost or stolen and can be secured in lockers along with other valuables.

There are top-up kiosks throughout the park, or a credit card can be linked to your Splash Band.

Waterbom Bali Splash Band
Waterbom Bali Splash Band

Getting around Waterbom Bali

Though the grounds of Waterbom Bali are expansive, flat paved walkways and well located areas areas makes it easy to get around. Prams and strollers are no trouble.


Waterbom Bali maps and signs
Waterbom Bali maps and signs

You’re never too far from shops selling souvenirs, flip flops, sunscreen, and t-shirts, top up counters for your splash band, DigiPhoto outlets, snacks, and the all-important rides.

Everything is no more than a 10-minute stroll. Signage and maps are readily available.

The only exception is the toilets, which are few and far between.

Every convenience is available at Waterbom Bali from lockers to massage huts
Every convenience is available at Waterbom Bali from lockers to massage huts

Bali Waterbom park cleanliness

The park is extremely clean. Part of that is their paperless policy, meaning you will never get a paper receipt for anything you buy, not even when you return your Splash Band at the end of the day.

The other part is that they have staff everywhere who are always cleaning. The toilets, for example, were never wet or dirty. Overall, the staff are happy, smiling and eager to help.

Hand washing station at Waterbom Bali
Hand washing station at Waterbom Bali

Bali Waterbom park safety

As with all water theme parks, vigilance is needed especially with young kids. Life jackets are available to use and encouraged (but not compulsory) for kids and adults alike. Waterbom Bali claims to maintain “World-class slides and rides are built and maintained to strict international safety standards” and by all accounts no less safe than any water park in Australia.

Security checks are performed on vechiles including taxi on approach as well as the bag search and check prior to entry.

For the little ones take a back float or safety vest purpose fit for your child. Allow breaks as even the most confident swimmers need rest out of the water.

All attractions are manned and the lagoon is patrolled by trained staff. Rides and slides have height restrictions to match the exit point water level of the slide, for little kids the moderate slides have shallow exit points. Be alert and vigilant, lifeguards and patrolled pools is no substitute for parental supervision.

There has been no reported cases of fatalities at Waterbom Bali, though it was reported in the Jakarta Post of a five year old boys death at sister park Waterbom Jakarta.

Bali Waterbom park is perfect for older kids 10+

The biggest attractions, the new rides, are awesome. Although scary, kids around 10 and 11 were having the time of their lives. Though there is enough for younger kids, it’s perfect for older school aged children, particularly those that want a thrill.

Perfect for older kids but young kids will have a blast
Perfect for older kids but young kids will have a blast

Bali Waterbom park – Gazebo hire

You can hire a gazebo to serve as your base while you visit the park. Here, you can relax, catch your breath, and order food from any restaurant in the park. Gazebos are available for booking in person only.

Gazebo for hire at Waterbom Bali
Gazebo for hire at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali Gazebo hiring prices are:

Regular Gazebo: 6 people IDR 180.000 ($19 AUD)

Family Gazebo: 8 people IDR 230.000 ($24 AUD)

Private Family Gazebo: for large group of 10 to 12 people. Costs IDR 1.000.000 ($105 AUD), including 6 soft drinks or mineral water vouchers and 6 towels.

Getting to Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali location

Located at Jalan Kartika Plaza, the park is quite central. It is well within walking distance from Kuta Beach, Discovery Mall, Kuta Square and many of the most popular hotels. Getting to the centrally positioned park is easy to get to. If you stay all day at Bali Waterbom, beware the notorious traffic, which is heaviest around 6pm.

There are several ways to get to Waterbom, including walking (if you’re close by), taxi, or we’ve also listed a scooter option!

Entrance of Waterbom Bali
Entrance of Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali by taxi or car

From the surrounding neighbourhoods, you can take a taxi or hire a driver. A taxi will drop you off right at the entrance.

A driver for the day will cost about IDR 500.000 ($50 AUD).

Average Taxi prices range from IDR 30.000-300.000 ($3 to $30 AUD), depending on where you’re coming from:

Legian or Seminyak: IDR 30.000-50.000 ($3-5 AUD)

Canggu, Jimbaran, or Nusa Dua: IDR 150.000 ($15 AUD)

Uluwatu or Ubud: IDR 200.000-300.000 ($20-30 AUD)

Waterbom Bali by scooter

Travelling by scooter can be quite a rush for the adventurous family with older kids (check insurance covers scooter and motorbikes).

Parking is available in the park, free of charge. There is space for cars as well as scooters. Chances are there will be space available, but it is not guaranteed.

Scooter rentals can range from IDR 40.000-60.000 ($4-6 AUD), so there is quite good value there.

Average travel time:

From Legian or Seminyak: 10 min

From Canggu or Jimbaran: 20 – 30 min

From Nusa Dua: 40 min

From Uluwatu or Ubud: 50-70 min

How long do you need at Waterbom Bali?

The park is open 9am-6pm every day, and you can easily spend the whole day slipping and sliding. With queues, breaking for food and enjoying the rides, 9 hours can go by quickly.

Families who intend to visit Waterbom Bali should allow for the day if possible. However, a minimum of half a day is sufficient and ideal for families with younger kids, babies and toddlers.

Drift all day along the Lazy River. Waterbom Bali
Drift all day along the Lazy River

Waterbom Bali food and dining options

There are plenty of choices within Waterbom Bali for food and snacks:

Plenty of places to eat at Waterbom Bali
Plenty of places to eat at Waterbom Bali

Wantilan Food Court

This food court features a wide selection of international foods, snacks, and desserts. Like the service typical of Bali, staff were friendly and accommodating.

During the off-peak season it was relatively quiet, perfect for families. Though the stale atmosphere leaves you to wonder about food turn over. However it is known to get quite busy in the peak season.

All payments are made via the Splash Band.

Wantilian Food Court alfresco dining area
Wantilian Food Court alfresco dining area


The familiar chain features ready-to-eat sandwiches, snacks, and pastries, and includes a full cafe with international coffees. It was a very clean restaurant with friendly staff.

Pret-a-Manger at Waterbom Bali
Pret-a-Manger at Waterbom Bali

The Shack

Primarily a full-service bar, this can also be a nice place to sit and relax. Here’s where you’ll find Aussies ordering the Bin Tang.

Set in a relaxing tropical environment, there are hammocks to swing on and sun lounges to relax in. To top it all off, there’s free WIFI available.

The Shack at Waterbom Bali
The Shack at Waterbom Bali

Poke a dog

American style hot dogs and grilled sweet corn available all day. This is a small hot dog stand, with limited seating. Good for a quick snack or a meal on the go.

Food court at Waterbom Bali
Food court at Waterbom Bali

Thaitalian (New)

The newest food outlet at Waterbom Bali. The kitchen serves Thai and Italian fusion cuisine in a fun atmosphere with a full view of the kitchen and a backdrop of some of the biggest slides in the park.

The dining area is primarily long tables and benches, so it is great for large groups as well as a small families. Enjoy watching the chefs cook your meals and smell the delicious roti and smoked chicken on the grill.

Thaiitalian at Waterbom Bali
Thaitalian at Waterbom Bali

This is a full service restaurant with a full menu, open during park hours. There are lots of fantastic food options, including pizza, pasta, grill, salads, seafood, and snacks. They also serve fresh juices, cold beer, and desserts.

Service is excellent and the food was very good. Free WIFI is also available here.

Though there isn’t a specific kids menu, the main menu offers many familiar choices that are kid friendly.

Thaiitalian restaurant and seating area. Waterbom Bali
Thaitalian restaurant and seating area

Prices are reasonable. Expect to pay IDR 55.000-125.000 ($6-13 AUD) for a main course.

Tips for Waterbom Bali

Some handy tips for a fun day at Waterbom Bali with the family include:

Waterbom Bali facilities
Waterbom Bali facilities

Make use of the same-day re-entry for lunch

You can leave the park at any time as same-day re-entry is allowed. If you would prefer to eat outside of the park, there are several options near by. Scope them out as you arrive at the park, so you know what’s available.

Nasi Goreng at Waterbom Bali or step out with a re-entry pass
Nasi Goreng at Waterbom Bali or step out with a re-entry pass

Hire Waterbom Bali lockers to keep belongings safe

Leave cash and valuables like cameras and jewellery safely secured by hiring a locker. All you’ll need to enjoy the day is your Splash Band and a towel.

Waterbom Bali is transitioning to a keyless locker system. Not all of the lockers are using this technology yet, but many allow you to scan your Splash Band to open your locker for added security.

You’ll find the least crowded lockers area near Funtastic.

Lockers at Waterbom Bali
Lockers at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali locker rental costs

IDR 25.000 ($3 AUD) for a single locker, or IDR 35.000 ($4 AUD) for a family-size locker.

What to pack for Waterbom Bali

  • Hat, sunnies and water-proof sunscreen
  • Thongs, crocs or other sandals
  • Extra set of clothes since you’ll be getting wet
  • Swimmers and goggles
  • Nappies and swim diapers
  • Sarong or cover up (optional)
  • Camera or GoPro
  • Water bottle
If you leave anything behind there is a shop that sells the lot
If you leave anything behind there is a shop that sells the lot

When to go to Waterbom Bali

During peak season, arrive when the park opens as Waterbom Bali gets busier from 11am.

High and low seasons follow school holiday and Bali’s peak season (check dates).

It can rain in the off-season, but its still balmy
It can rain in the off-season, but its still balmy

For fewer crowds and a quieter setting, visit in February and March, though families risk torrential rains and closed rides.

The best way to visit the park is to arrive when it opens, and leave when it closes so as to maximize your time, get the most of your money, and not rush the day.

Capture family photos with Waterbom Bali’s DigiPhoto System

Waterbom Bali uses a DigiPhoto system. Photographers are located throughout the park, taking photos of guests. On rides, there are camera stations to capture the moment of the big plunge. At DigiPhoto counters, use a dedicated wristband to view photos from your visit and purchase photos a-la-carte.

Digiphoto to capture all your family photos
Digiphoto to capture all your family photos

Cheap towel hire available at Waterbom Bali

Towel service is an added convenience for guests who’ve forgotten their towels or prefer not to have to carry their own. For a small fee (IDR 10.000 or $1 AUD), Waterbom Bali provides clean, fresh towels to use for the day. All guests have to do is return their wet towels on their way out of the park.

Cheap towel hire at Waterbom Bali
Cheap towel hire at Waterbom Bali

Handy Waterbom Bali shops

At the park entrance, you’ll find several swim and surf shops offering brands such as Dri-Dock, Havaianas and Quiksilver.

Havianna's for sale at Waterbom Bali
Havianna’s for sale at Waterbom Bali

Handy to buy something that was left behind at the hotel. There’s a great range and reasonable prices.

From snacks to sunscreen the gift shop has it all
From snacks to sunscreen the gift shop has it all

Just for parents, Waterbom Bali’s spa

I only wish every water park had a spa service. Enjoy Waterbom Bali’s reflexology, fish spa therapy, or nail treatments. You can also find hair braiding and face painting kiosks throughout the park. All of these are at an additional cost, a one hour back and shoulder massage costs 150,000 IDR (about $15 AUD).

Nail Me mani and pedi available at Waterbom Bali
Nail Me mani and pedi available at Waterbom Bali

Whilst it’s not going to enrich your family life or teach you anything about Balinese culture, Waterbom Bali is serious family fun; a place where you get to relax, laugh, enjoy and create those magical memories. Go, slide, let your hair down and head to a Temple another day.

Number One waterpark in Asia
Number One water park in Asia

Complete Guide to Bali with kids

For more ideas, check out our Complete Guide to Bali with kids.

Life guards on every ride. Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali

Have you been to Waterbom Bali, any tips? Please reply below:

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