When did I become Mum instead of Mummy?

Looking out towards Bramble Bay, Brighton, QLD
Looking out towards Bramble Bay, Brighton, QLD

Liam and I haven’t spent allot of time alone together since Layla was born. My husband Shane and I did have him all to ourselves for two and half years so it’s really quite OK.

On the rare occasion that we did have together. I was determined to have one of those magic, mother and son moments.

It was time for a random drive to the sea. We ended up in the sleepy seaside town of Brighton, 19 kilometers north of Brisbane. An easy 15 minute drive for us. The beach isn’t much to write home about. The water is murky and is not an ideal spot for swimming. There were washed up debris along the banks of the esplanade. But it’s the sea nevertheless and we were the only ones there.

If a swim is what you are looking for, Sandgate another seaside suburb south of Brighton is a prettier spot to have a paddle. Also, from Brighton if you ahead across the Hornibrook bridge you reach Redcliffe where there is a man-made  swimming lagoon and a beach.

With some snacks we wandered along the esplanade. It was hot and windy. After a few minutes of kicking about a washed up tyre and throwing rocks into the ocean. Liam said “Mum (no longer mummy), I’m bored. Let’s go home and watch TV”. Firstly, when did I become Mum anyway? I miss being called Mummy. My one year old daughter has never uttered “Mummy” from her mouth. Secondly, get  TV off your mind , we were there to have a magical moment.

Luckily,  he found a stick and started writing words in the sand. Which is a new thing, having only discovered writing recently. First thing he wrote was DAD. This, although awesome is where I felt I drew the short straw. Dad was at work nowhere in sight and it was MUM that was front and center. Liam then proceeded to draw a few ice-creams with bum’s on them and then the word MUM. I see he has his priorities in order. Then, it dawned on me that we were actually having a moment. Right then, it was happening! Needless to say I was pretty chuffed and I learnt you can force precious memories to happen.

Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland
Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland

We ended up spending the whole morning drawing in the sand. Afterwards, the stick was used to poke sea snails and dig up shells. These are the reasons I love staying at home with the kiddies.

Later that night when we were going through the best things that happened that day. Liam said drawing DAD in the sand. Close enough.

Writing DAD in the sand Brighton Queensland
Writing DAD in the sand Brighton Queensland

Sometimes, all you need is a stick.

Map of Decker Park in Brighton, Queensland

Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland
Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland
Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland
Liam drawing in the Sand at Decker Park Brighton Queensland


  • I’ve noticed this has also happened in my household. My three year old has stopped calling me “Mommy” and now says “Mum!” when he wants something and back to “Mommy” when he’s crying for me. I think these kids do it on purpose.

    • It’s the saddest moment. Makes me feel so old! I’m not looking forward to the disgruntled teenage years where it’s probably “hey you” or a series of grunts and shrugs.

      Thanks for swinging by xo

  • Aw this was such a sweet story 🙂 Once I had my 18 month old I lost so much time with my then 5 year old daughter, I feel like we need to make up for lost time 🙂

  • Your title caught my eye …I remember the feeling I had when each of my kids started calling me “Mom” instead of “Mommy”. With my oldest, it made me a bit sad, but I always had other little ones, so I was still “Mommy”. When my youngest made the switch, it took me a little longer to get over! But now my 14 year old loves to call me “Mommy” and I love it when she does! Great post…great blog! #SITSBlogging

    • Oh there is hope! That is the sweetest thing for your 14 year old to call you “Mommy”. It’s one of my most favourite words and it’s faded away here. Here’s hoping that it might come back. Thanks for stopping by xo.

    • I hear this parenting business gets even harder? How can this be. It isn’t going too quickly! Thanks for poppin’ by xo

  • I know what you mean! I feel like my little ones are growing so fast and I can’t keep up! What they call me just makes it that much more clear that they aren’t my itty bitty babies anymore 🙁

  • Hi Nadia. Thanks for popping by. I think “Ma-ma” is still so cute! “Mum” just makes me feel way tool old. xo

  • Well, if it makes you feel any better about a month or so, my 3 year old stopped calling me mommy and said in a dry tone ‘ma-ma’. It just sounded so…”business”. LOL I love her calling me ‘mommy’. It warms my heart.

  • Thank you Kate @Adventuremumma.

    I love the mantra “go with the flow”. Must remember to do it more often.

  • So sweet. Funny when you drag kids out to join you in the Great Outdoors it often never goes to plan & can backfire very easily on you BUT if you can learn to go with the flow things can end up being pretty special after all. Lovely outing for the 2 of you……

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